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  1. Agreed, im thinking if they make a KotOR 3 with multiplayer, It will be a game card thing for the multiplayer . Like star wars galaxies or world of warcraft.
  2. Nice,thanks to all of you. I am really glad that so many people stepped forth and helped me. I am trying everything you guys have been telling me,and enjoying most of it(not reading). As most of you said though,it requires reading,and i really want to get into game and graphics design. Anyway thank you guys so much. It really means a lot. :D
  3. Why dont you guys like the JK series so much?There fun games. The controls give you more of a sense of control. Also i think there are Pro and Cons for both. Jedi Knight series. Pro= good contorls and force powers. Con= story lines. The KotOR series Pro=story line. Con=controls and force powers.
  4. #1. #2. Which one do you guys like?
  5. okay like im goin to sleep..lol way off topic i no
  6. yes a resean so my parents wont get mad
  7. THAT WAT IVE BEEN SAYIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. ya so basically like JKA if only it was the control layout as JKA and the game layout at KOTOR 1 and 2
  9. honestly kotor 3 should have the length and originallity of 1 and 2 but the controls and force powers of JKA
  10. well when you think about it. Both kotor 2 and jedi academy are time comsumer..for goodness sake there just games. but jedi academy was equal if not better than kotor 1-2 because you get a more control factor.and u have decisions you have to make in JA too.you can turn to the dark side u can go diffrent ways in maps and have diffrent outcomes
  11. jedi academy may be shorter then kotor 1-2...okay a lot shorter...but theres always the multiplayer option online and for x-box....in kotor there isnt that....and the controls in jedi academy r so much better they give u a sense of more control...and they did try to remake it but the did and they made it beter
  12. o and hurlshot i sent an invite for u on xfire...my name is stealth20
  13. so basically you guys are saying that i need to work on my grammar....and i need to play lots of games and do game editors....one problem is that i only have the morrowind collenction of construction sets ..me and my family dont have enough money just to go out and buy stuff right now....and i cant play lots of games because well we dont have the money to get the games....if u guys have any advice on how to get lessons or something online that would really be a help.
  14. u guys should start a star wars jedi academy section...the list things be like...general descussion..then glitches and downloads....then help...and then sometin else...lol
  15. replying to judge hades comment...i do have morrowind and that stuff but i try to figure it out and i cant....so should i just try to work at it still?????
  16. DARK SIDE!!!!! NO QUESTION!!!! there attacks are so strong
  17. hey guys sry i havent been on in a while iv been to caught u in star wars jedi academy....112posts
  18. im in 7th grade an i really want to become a game designer...any advice...i really want to starearly so i have a headstart when i get older and start making games for big time....any sites or advice u guys could give me on wat to do to get started...any hands on activity's in game design to help me understand(i hate reading i just want to get out there and start)
  19. i dont really even no of many glitches..and sry i havent been on in a while or commenting at leasxt ive been to caught up in star wars jedi academy..my names stealth in jedi academy if uv seen be by theway but bak on topic...umm i dont really no of many but out of the ones i do no id say...um....uh...err.....prolly invisable atton...(he gets on my nerves)
  20. no if u find them later they tell u how to get money at this one place
  21. lol i havent been on in a while because i got my comp. taken away!!!! sry..
  23. rokor


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