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  1. So in my treasure collecting I came across a new item called the Kohl of Uncanny Discernment. While reading it's effects, they sounded strikingly similar to what Spyglass does and in fact it is, but worse. https://imgur.com/a/teH1I So instead of doing a Wisdom/Perception check of 4 to get something that can also add a d6 to other perception checks and available from the base set, you have to do an Intelligence/Perception 6 check for only a d4 addition and available after the base set. I have played through a few of the physical games and I don't think this is an actual card like a
  2. I can confirm 1 has been an issue for me too. Screenshot
  3. I had the same issue with my iPad Mini which initially had me worried but has been running pretty smoothly on my Galaxy Note 5 with just a few of the hiccups from it currently not being optimized.
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