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  1. So is there an expiration date to do this - for those of us who decided to not buy into the Steam version at this time?  it would seem that this process requires you to actually HAVE the Steam version at this time to take advantage of it. 


    (it was posted elsewhere they would not be an expiration on this, but I was also under the assumption I was getting a download key, something similar to humble bundles, etc.)

  2. Day one all-in purchaser here and man, this app is going more and more in a direction i would not want it to. Best of luck, but I'm probably out with this one.  


    I just wanted the board game in app form, and instead we are getting p2w mechanics, more p2w mechanics layered on unneeded freemium mechanics, and ultimately everything but what is actually needed - content. 


    Literally 20+ extra classes, 3 other sets, or the custom made content to choose from and you decide on a stash and charms/runes.   This update is better than playing as a Ranger, Alchemist, Bard, Inquisitor or any of the other variations of unique classes that exist.  Maybe one day you will get there, but it's been over a year and I don't see much light at the end of the tunnel for myself and my relationship with this game.  


    All the best either way. I stress over and over again that my feedback is from a perspective that I want you guys to succeed mixed with my own personal preferences. 

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