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  1. I feel like such a dolt. Restoring keybinds worked for me (I had setup A for Attack in primary instead of secondary slot ). Thanks for the jolt to this dolt!
  2. I have the same problem with not being able to use any character abilities in combat that target enemies. I can do abilities that target myself (shield, enrage, etc). Keep us posted on resolution, thanks!
  3. I have this problem randomly when I start the game: the Load Option/Continue option sometimes appears, sometimes it does not. I'm betting that there is a timing issue between when the game loads its startup screen and when the saved files are associated with the game. It happens whether I ESC the initial video or let it lay all the way through. I have a pair of Raid 1 SSDs and Dual graphic cards on my PC, so it's a very fast startup. The fact that sometimes the saved games appear and sometimes they don't leads me to suspect this timing issue. Please let us know if this is a problem, and if so when your programmers plan to address it (did your testers test on very fast-I/O, graphics PCs?) Thanks!
  4. Simple Temp workaround: Just LOAD the autosave made when you entered the Maw and it put you into combat. This stops combat.
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