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  1. Cut Ezren first. He's just a less attractive option compared to Seoni. Then cut Merisiel because she's not a team player. Just give everybody a thieves tool and it's like Merisiel is actually on your team.
  2. For immunities you may not play cards with the specified trait, use powers that would add that trait to the check, or roll dice with that trait during the encounter. If you somehow play a card before encountering the card (Toxic Cloud) we just pretend Toxic Cloud was never played. If you play multiple cards that add traits to the check the previous traits are not replaced. So you cannot override the ice trait by playing something else that adds a different trait to the check.
  3. Since there's no perma-death there are no consequences! Everything is easy! The worst luck I've ever had was being Lini. Very often 3 dice is not enough for lini and she manages to fail very easy checks.
  4. Swallowtail Festival's power is an "at the start of your turn" power. For some reason start of turn powers stop the entire game to remind you that they exist. Same with Seelah's, Harks's upgraded power, and a couple other locations. Changing that would also mean changing a lot of things and I'm not sure if people would just "ignore" these powers like Kyra's ability is usually ignored. From a rules standpoint nothing is incorrect. If for some reason you want to add only a single die while using Pharasma then this sequence listed is the only real way to do so. Making sure you barely bea
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