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  1. Just discovered, you can get awakened roots from the Curio Shop. I've never seen that listed anywhere, so there you go. Edit: Also Cartugo.
  2. I agree with the other posters, and I want to add that the resolution options were rather lacking. Can't I turn Harond in to the authorities? If not, can't I put him in my dungeon? Or if he were contrite, and I could not turn him in, I could exact my own justice by demanding a massive amount of money, either in lump sum or on a payment plan. I'm sorry, but 1200cp just doesn't seem like a sufficient punishment for this jerk.
  3. So I tried a little experiment: I closed out of PoE on my desktop, instead of just putting it to sleep. That seems to have done the trick. I can start my latest save on my laptop.
  4. I didn't discover cRPG's until right around the time Storm of Zehir came out, so by the time I got to NWN it was probably all patched, and I had the latest hardware, etc. I had nothing to compare it to, so I thought it was super dreamy. I'll be plenty happy if they keep the PoE's coming, but if there's enough interest and funding to create a 3D game in addition, I'd be doubly happy.
  5. ShadySands is correct. Any 3d engine will do. I'm reminiscing on those games that had cool 3d effects AND a good story. I'm not that knowledgeable on which engines Obsidian has in its arsenal.
  6. oh, I didn't know that. Whatever the latest and greatest is that would enable the same kind of zooming and panning we had on NWN2, etc. -- hopefully a little better graphics.
  7. I really, really love PoE and have enjoyed my first foray into isometric gaming. Just wondering if there were any thoughts toward a 3d RPG, based in Aurora or such like.
  8. Thoroughly enjoying this game! Just finished Raedric's keep on Hard - what a rush! I'm sad that I was totally out of the loop on the Kickstarter - but glad many others were in it. How can I be sure to be on the Kickstarter next time? How did people find out about it last time?
  9. I've played about 40 hours on my desktop, am now on a trip with my laptop, but after I loaded PoE, I found that the most recent save I had available was like 20 hours ago. What am I supposed to do to sync properly? I can't find any instructions.
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