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  1. I played last night for about 5 or so hours on my PC. Ran fantastic, great frame rate, smooth the entire time. I tried to play today and it's completely unplayable. The frame rate is like 3. When I boot the game, the menu screen looks like all is good for a few seconds, and then, the frame rate plunges to next to nothing. If I load a game, same experience. I uninstalled and reinstalled but that didn't help anything. I have no idea what could have happened, but it's totally unplayable. This isn't like a "boo hoo I'm only getting 30fps" kind of thing. It's at about 3 or so, and even the main menu shows extreme lag and a barely animating/moving space ship. Any ideas what to try? Again, last night, played 5 or so hours with fantastic frame rate and zero issues at all. I don't get why one day it would be fine, and the next it would be unplayable. Note: I tried other games in the Epic store (Operencia), as well as other games on Steam and they didn't have any issues. So I believe that would rule out an issue with my graphics card or something having changed with my drivers or whatever preventing intensive 3D games from playing well. Note 2: I've tried all permutations of Windowed modes. I've tried vsync on/off. I've tried lowering the resolution to 1080x720. I've tried resetting the settings to default. None of it had any impact at all, like not a single bit of improvement whatsoever even on the main menu. My machine: Win 10x64 Pro Geforce GTX 980 Intel i7-4790k 32GB RAM
  2. Was just about to post about this. I get "missing string 518" with the ring of prosperity as well.
  3. Kind of amusing. Crew must be super hungry and thirsty. Anyway, sometimes when I reload a game, the crew will eat and drink absolutely everything in one shot. Not the usual allotment per time period. Also it'll sometimes charge me many many times for their daily wages. I've seen $4000 before. Attached is a screenshot of it. In this particular case it also debited me $3000. Usually I just reload again and it works correctly: no debits at all, just my game the way I left it. This time, however, I got it 4 times in a row trying to reload. I can't upload the save due to forum limits so here's a link to the save file if you want to try and repro it (expires in 30 days). It's my quicksave. I've been getting it by just hitting F9 to quick reload.
  4. So I beat the battle of Yenwood quest. However, Marshal Forwyn is still in my keep near the training grounds and there's still a few screaming farmers hanging by him like they do before you start the fight. They now show that they are really injured, so that's different. I can talk to the marshal and get all the same dialog convos as before the fight started. If I tell him ya I'm ready, nothing really happens, I don't get a new quest entry (which is good). He also still appears in my great hall. Just chilling there. Totally injured. Ready to talk to me about preparing for the battle. Did he just get hit on the head too hard during the fight? Is he supposed to disappear, along with the mob of farmers at some point? Will this cause any issues down the line, or is it just an idiosyncratic thing?
  5. Holy crap. I'm at the fork in the road where you meet Durance. There was a group of mercs there including a death god-like. They attacked me so I fought. Quite easily defeated everyone EXCEPT THE INVINCIBLE PERPETUALLY HEALING MERCENARY. My guys are all level 5. I'm only playing on normal. I'm looking through the logs and I can't see anything that says that the mercenary is healing. It all just says he hits for X or similar. I swear to god every time I knock a bubble of health off he instantly refills it. I wouldn't be so frustrated if ANYWHERE in the logs it said ANYTHING about healing. I have no idea why he's just constantly filling himself back up on health.
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