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  1. Ouh I did not know about this weapon ! I was indeed thinking about war hammers, I don't know why I wrote maces Come on man, try at least
  2. Hello there fellas, I was theorycrafting for fun, and I thought it'd be cool to have an avenger themed party. What do you guys think ? Bear with me it'll be fun The aim is to recreate the avengers with Deadfire's classes and multiclasses. - Thor, for instance, would be a devoted/fury: devoted to maces, fury for the lightnings and all. - Captain America would be paladin, I guess, inspiring the rest of the party while beeing steadfast, protecting them by beeing the tank and the leader. - Hulk would be barbarian berserker. Maybe add some shifter into the mix ? For his transformation. Although I think solo barbarian would fit better. - Dr Strange will clearly be a wizard. - Scarlet Witch is what I think Cipher would be. Telekinetic, hexes, debuffs... affecting magic. - Hawkeye is a tricky one. He could be ghost heart as well as a ranged rogue. - Black Widow is clearly an assassin - Spidey is a rogue too. - Iron Man, I don't quite know where he would fit... What do you guys think ? Would you change things around ?
  3. I'd like to back up a little about the beastmaster. Would a fury melee beastmaster be viable ? (I know shifter is better for melee, but I don't like spirit shifting much, I do like the elemental spells though)
  4. Oh don't get me wrong, I love micromanaging. Also I sure hope this schtick isn't the only trick of a seer, and even though it's the most powerful, there are some other things he'll be able to do when the area is crowded by allies.
  5. Hello there, I recently built a pretty nice shepherd, really REALLY effective at melee, but it got boring really quick, it was very micro non intensive (means mostly auto-attacks with the occasional FoD to heal allies around). PoTD Scalled up. I was thinking about a melee seer, I really dig the ghost heart theme, with dead AC that you can still summon when in the thick of things. Like your old buddy jumps into the fray through the beyond because you are in trouble. Also my character in PoE1 was a melee ranger, so I absolutely want a ranger class on him in this game. I was wondering if a ghost heart / soulblade could work for a melee character. Is there any good synergy here ? Compared to Stalker / Soulblade, who has a clear advantage of beeing sturdier when close to the AC. I know at low level it will not be really good at anything, considering how it's stretched thin with ability points, but I'm more asking about mid-high level ? like 10~ish ? I don't want to invest too much time in a character and realise it's trash after 10h of game.
  6. I went with kind wayfarers. It's pretty good right now he's a sturdy melee character that can support and inspire his allies, exactly what I wanted. I'm not so fan of a playing a lord having to answer to a higher authority formed by an order of knight, and as I see them, wayfarer not having a set structure means their paladins are much more free and don't really have a leader. Thanks a lot for the answers guys I now have a character I love to play and roleplay
  7. Thanks a lot ! But, lore-wise, are paladins zealots that hit themselves on the back with a whip any time they think about a girl or something ? That's what have been bothering me the most about picking the class
  8. Oh then it seems I haven't understood the maths behind how deflection and AR work. Could you explain it more specifically ? Why is +5 deflection more useful when I already have 80 than when I have only 20 for instance ? I just read on the wiki what AR really is, and it seems I indeed misunderstood completely how it works. I thought it was some kind of damage reduction, while in fact it seems like a check to see if I take 130%, 100%, or down to -75% damage. Indeed 1 point seems way more interesting than I thought So are you saying I'd better go Stalker / Kind Wayfarer then ? Thank you so much for your inputs it's really helpful
  9. Hey guys ! I'm looking for a new hero for the party I'm building. I love playing pet classes. I love playing a character with a strong bond with an animal. Usually a dragon or a wolf. Here it'll be wolf, obviously. I love playing my character in melee, beeing the leader of the group, steadfast, going in the thick of the fight with his allies and pet, beeing able to both dish deadly blows and support my allies. I really loved the bromance between my char and Edér in PoE1, and I want to keep it, with both those characters going in a fight together and all that. (I was just a bit bummed by Edér not ever mentioning my pet in PoE1, considering he loves animals and all, I hope this will be different in this game ) I am greatly hesitating currently between a Hunter (Fighter / Ranger) and a Shepherd (Paladin / Ranger) no subclasses. Stalker doesn't seem to scale well at higher levels (+5 deflection and 1 AR doesn't seem big for not beeing able to go away from my pet during a fight). I love the fact that Paladin has a lot of support for his group, and good survivability, but am not really sure I love the whole holy-god-zealot lore around the class. Beeing tied to an order is also a bit of a let-down, since I'm lord of Caed Nua, I should be free. Do you know any character that do not have this mindset and is a paladin in the lore ? I also am more willing to go towards dual wielding DPS (sword / hatchet, or sword / club with a torch for free fire damage) than a tank, but I want to be able to stay alive more than 3 seconds in melee. That is why I am considering going Hunter too, as a Fighter is a good melee option. I just fear the dullness of the class pairing, knowing how fighter was a bit underwhelming in PoE1, looking more like a big brute, like barbarian... It doesn't have to be the most min-maxed ever, I am playing on PoTD, but I am using a mod to play with 6 characters, so the game won't be as hard as it should be (not a big fan of the 5 characters limitation). So this is more of a lore-wise hesitation than a gameplay wise, but gameplay is still important. What would you chose, and why ?
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