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  1. I know the soloist and the power gamers both often enjoy multiclassing, which is worth mentioning. I don't use it much however in most of these game types, at least when a party is present.
  2. Yeah sorry about the quote of the quote, I cannot edit my post because of the rather awkward minimum post edit rule, and when I saw you edit yours mine was awaiting approval. All good games of substance take 3 years or more, its a minimum time frame for anything decent, and I wouldn't want a game before that. If people want a sequel that's fine, but the devs need time to make a good one and they have to be willing to wait. Not willing to argue semantics on the term DLC, the definition doesn't concern me all that much, it might be helpful to try as you are to establish some clearer definitions on the term expansion again but at present as you elude to its murky. Creating whatever content? Well then its down to you, the player, to decide whether to buy it, nobody is holding a gun over your head saying buy this. If its bad, don't buy it, if someone has a compulsion to just buy something because it is there, they are going to have a real problem in life financially and the onus is on them to manage their own wallet. Again you are missing the point that they've made 2 decent DLC's, Expansions whatever, so there is no evidence to support the position others would be of any less quality. Dragon Age Origins DLC was pretty good value for what it was, if you are referring to watchers keep for example or even better the return to ostagar which was given decent reviews and liked. Don't remember the fallout 3 dlc all that much as I never got around to it (didn't rate fallout 3 generally felt too happy not wasteland enough), fallout 3 NV DLC however was a classic and well received. If you are arguing subjective terms about what we personally like or don't like, however we'll be here all day, so let's not. Many mods are better than DLC because they have a developer base of thousands and many, many more man hours combined. If you are cherry picking the best, of course the big mod communities combined will do better, and they often become the ones the devs hire next time. - This is why, the eventually successor to the MMO genre will leverage that, and for example so many games are trying, a few indies are getting close.
  3. Thanks for the welcome, this is a subject that gets me debating hotly and often :D usually I am much more easy going, been browsing for awhile but felt no need to post till now. héhé yep . But i've the idea there is a confusion in his post between DLC and expansion. While DLC is about sales (which he pointed out right), expansion is more about telling more of the story. And this is probably why we hope for a sequel to expand the story. Or maybe, Karrade, you should see POE2 as a big, large DLC of POE1, like BG2 would have been for BG1. 5 expansions in a RPG? i've never seen this. And don't want to. 5 DLC, i saw it. Was not good though... In the battle of ideas, I aspire to cannon fodder status, but if my fate is to rush headlong into combat only to feed the mortars, so be it. At least I can add my tiny voice to the volume of folks pushing for one opinion, and if there's one opinion and only one I could choose at this point, it would be to let the design team straighten out the narrative and trust them. That's the hill where I'd die. Of course, you don't actually die in forum battles, so I'm still going to push for a new location with a different character and paced so that the epic (whatever that is) tale can be spread out over a longer period of time and much more content. Leave room in the story so that the xpacs for Pillars two extend the story out rather than injected into the fatty tissue in the middle, and then leave the end so that the big reveal can come in Pillars 3. You've not said why. You can tell me I'm wrong forever, but you've not actually said why 3 expansions would be bad, or 5 for that matter. I could list RPG's that have had 5 expansions but that's not the point we are talking about pillars of eternity and more importantly, its current DLC. Is it worth it? Is it selling? If the answer to that is yes, and its been yes twice, would a third be worth it? It really is that simple. Seeing the sequel as the next DLC is sadly not the case. You've got 3 years dev time minimum for the release for it to be any good, a brand new cast, setting and will likely introduce different mechanics making it a sequel, not DLC. A sequel is a gamble, its more of a gamble the more it strays from the established formula, and make no mistakes you'll get complainers if it doesn't take chances to bring in new systems because it'll be called a copy. On a personal note I love the DLC model, I will defend it to the end of time, and my favorite games have a high amount of it, because it lets me pick and choose what I want in the game and don't want, being a modder at heart I love it. I don't feel the complusion to buy the DLC I have no desire to play, or don't value at the price its listed at, so I get the best of both worlds and devs get feedback on what's worth making as DLC. But back to pillars, can they nail a second successful game, sure, if this is anything to go by i'd give good odds. Will you like it personally as much, maybe, it really is a maybe folks. Will you be around in three years to care? Maybe.
  4. Very, very sad news. I registered just to say I was hoping for the same sort of quality content in a minimum of 3 dlc's, hopefully 5. The problem most people don't understand with sequels is, you never know, you never know if it'll be as good. It'll certainly never be the same, all games are different, which is why its good to run with a great product people love for a good few DLC's, especially when the DLC's are this good. Even sadder at the suggestion it is a completely different character and I guess all the companions and our attachments to them will be thrown out the window. What's the point in NOT using some of the material you've developed for years, some of these characters have legs to run for another game. That was something BG2 did right and so many games since have failed to capitalize on. I guarantee you, I will lay money on it because i've seen it for decades, even if the writers strike gold twice, that people will be saying I wish we had character type X (forget the names or pictures for the sake of simplicity), they will be saying this after the hours and hours they have had becoming used and enjoying character type X, and we'll have the same roundabout debates we've had in almost every RPG i've ever seen in my lifetime regarding the new cast, however well written they are. You can see the start of it here, in this very thread, people saying that's not the type of game I want for the sequel and different branches about how it will go, pleasing some, not others, we all know this. Well, that's why you put out 3-5 DLC's when you're on a roll, unless its not selling and I am missing something, or you reuse some of the same aspects and cast of the game before.
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