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  1. Wouldn't it be possible to use the Drawn in Spring dagger with this build, for the Wounding + Combusting Wounds combo? Wounding enchantments usually aren't good with high int builds, due to the wonky damage calculations - intelligence extends the duration of the wounding effect, but also lowers the damage per tick, leading to lower damage overall. But with those extra damage ticks triggering Combusting Wounds, that changes things around. With high int, you could easily get 4-5 ticks of DoT from the Wounding effect, and they seem to stack from each hit (tested it yesterday). With CW triggering from both the initial hit and each tick, that's an extra ~30 damage each hit from CW alone, in addition to the ~10-20 damage from the dagger hit and the wounding effect. I tested it yesterday, and it takes a few hits to get going, but then you really start seeing those DoT ticks fly, all of them triggering CW. It adds up to a pretty nice DPS.
  2. Hi! I just noticed that the druid spells did a lot more damage when spiritshifted. Checking the combat log, it seems that the wildstrike talent adds damage not only to the melee attack but also to all spells casted while spiritshifted. See the combat log on the attached screenshot: Druid levelled to 4 using console, and has taken Wildstrike Shock and Greater Wildstrike Shock, casting Winter Wind on a young wolf. Combat log shows the spell doing 45 cold damage, but also adding 20 shock damage. Final damage is 45+20 = 65. I haven't much experience with druids, but I'm pretty sure it's not supposed to work like this?
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