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  1. thanks Macplay. Any news for TWM1 expansion pass? the link on the screen "buy TWM1" doesn't work.
  2. thanks Xaratas, but anyway i did report to macplay without getting no answers. maybe they are waiting to have the full expansion 1&2 set. maybe for christmas?
  3. sorry guys for the second post but i am getting so frustrated that i am going to play chess instead of waiting for twm1 & 2 on the apple store. maybe i'll try backgammon too. you know backgammon?
  4. there is a misunderstanding guys: i wasn't able to purchase WM1 cos the extension pass is a dead link: when i start the game i have a screen : play POE/ buy WM1/ quit. when i clic buy WM1 , i payed 14.99 with my CC, but nothing comes, this is a dead link. on my option screen, when i start the game, i can see the icon TWM1 grey, and when i clic on it it says not installed. anyway apple store payed me back for TWM1, they can do nothing, and they told me to see with the devs... so i just have POE, and i am getting very frustrated any solutions guys?
  5. yes, and they told me to see with the developper... but TWM1 isn't even disponible there anymore...:'(
  6. but if you run it on steam, and you bought it from mac app store, do you mean you bought twice the game?
  7. hey guys, TWM 2 is not released on the mac apple store, and TWM1 expansion pass disappeared too... so upset.. will it be disponible soon?
  8. hello i purchased POE on the Mac App store too, and TWM1 & TWM2 are not able to be purchased there, i just can see a "the white march expansion pass" dead link....so upset
  9. ok guys i agree with it, but the main trouble is that i can't find TWM1 and TWM2 on the mac apple store....will they provide it one day, or will i have to buy the game from steam? does anyone have some clues?
  10. If you are looking to get TWM - Part II on the Mac App Store we are trying to get it out early next week if possible. i am waiting for two part 1 and 2 on the mac apple store... will it be out one day? i hope i won't have to buy it again from steam or gog
  11. Hello Aarik i am level 12 and i don't want to restart all the game by uninstalling it...anyways, the white march1 expansion pass is a dead link on the apple store, it doesn't exist anymore. i have to delete it and buy one more time it from steam or got, and start it again, in order to play WM1 & WM2 i am very upset...
  12. Hello i bought Pillars of Eternity on Apple store, it says that The White March 1 was included launching the game there is a link to pay get the expansions i paid but nothing behind now i am level 12 and this is getting boring, i do not want to buy this game again, or to restart from beginning Have i lost my time, or will the Apple Store provide some extensions one day?
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