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  1. Have been on the update (via Mac Apps updates) only briefly, but it seems to work well . . . and I like some of the new features I see.
  2. If you are looking to get TWM - Part II on the Mac App Store we are trying to get it out early next week if possible. Okay . . . good to know. I certainly can wait if I know it's coming.
  3. I think this does answer my question . . . but it would be a matter of hacking together one of the other 'sources' (Steam, COG, or the other one) with the Mac App version--and I suspect your caution applies there as well . . . maybe even more strongly. Kinda sucks. As someone I think said of the COG situation in another thread, he had to buy the whole game again to get the update to work. So, I guess White March II isn't in my future . . . or not any time soon.
  4. The Steam version says you have to have Pillars via Steam--which I don't, having purchased it (and White March I) as a Mac App. COG doesn't carry that kind of warning, so I'm hoping I'll be able to do it that way. Any ideas about this . . . whether WMII is going to work for those of us who got the game as a Mac App? A quick edit: I've just seen some disturbing comments about the way COG works (or doesn't) . . . gives the impression that, if one did not begin with Steam, one might not be able to keep up with the changes to come, including the new WMII, to which I was really looking forward.
  5. Quick update: chose to continue from where I was--went to Twin Elms, then 'checked in' back at Defiance Bay . . . saw that everything had pretty much returned to 'normal' there, but had to go back to the stronghold to deal manually with bandits . . . which turned out to be not really worth doing. Anyhow, once I go back to Defiance Bay again, I will identify the quests I was able to resume, and any that I wasn't . . . just for anyone else needing to know this.
  6. I believe the only side quests that can't be completed after Act II are Aloth's personal quest and assemble-the-scepter quest from Ondra's Gift, because both route you through the inside of the Sanitarium. I've been told you can even complete The Final Actwhich involves a character in Dunryd Row. Thank you . . . very helpful, though it puts me in a quandary now: do I start over from the Duc's palace before going to see Lady Webb on her death bed, or do I continue from where I am, going to Twin Elms and then trekking back to Defiance? Decisions, decisions . . .
  7. Having altogether too much fun, I'm afraid--probably ought to be getting a little more sleep here and there.
  8. Great, thank you! Not as much of a no-brainer as I thought . . . and I think I'd like to finish Aloth's quest. So, will now see what kind of pre-finish saves I have. Eh, turns out I had already finished Aloth's quest. Just a few others I might or might not be able to do before going back to Lady Webb (my last save was before sallyiing forth into the riotous streets).
  9. I'm sure this is a no-brainer . . . but, since I have none, here goes: I've just started Act III, but wanted to go back and finish some quests in the Defiance Bay area . . . A Voice from the Past, for example, in Copperlane. But as far as I can tell, there's no way for me to enter the area . . . am I missing something? If I still have a save from before completing Act II, I guess I could start over from there . . . but is that the only way? Thanks.
  10. In Through Death's Gate, 2nd Ring, successfully destroyed the Animats (including Arda), but then one of my characters got "frozen" in place. I'm just going to start over from the previous save, but I'm wondering if there's a typical and fixable reason this happens.
  11. Thank you . . . I'm not on "Path of the Damned" (except figuratively speaking), but this gives me a pretty good idea of where I'd need to be.
  12. That sounds like exactly what I should do . . . I'm losing count of my restarts . . . and that ain't all I'm losing.
  13. But I'm guessing that what I'm asking for there is somehow off-limits--or, just doesn't exist in any convenient form. So, same question w/r to Durgan's Battery only--is there at least a ballpark range for Group-level needed for success there? Again, I'll really appreciate help on that, since it will give me some idea about other quests, and will keep me from wasting time on that quest till I'm at least close to ready.
  14. No point in my dissimulating: I'm both new to this game, not (as I see things) a very good gamer, and not as patient as I need to be to succeed with this game . . . can't do much about my abilities at this point in my life, but I am working on the patience thing. So, my question is whether somewhere I might find recommended Group levels for specific quests. I find myself in places where I'm so completely over-matched that it's hard to imagine ever being able to tackle that one. Anyhow, ballpark recommendations would be much appreciated . . . like, say, 6 or higher for this quest, 8 or higher f
  15. Nope . . . nothing in Application Support w/r to Pillars. Thanks, though . . . got the game from the App store, so maybe that's the problem. Anyhow, may just have to give it up. OS X For Steam, GOG, and DRM-free backer disc versions: ~/Library/Application Support/Pillars of Eternity/Saved Games If you bought Pillars of Eternity from the Apple App Store, your save game directory is located here: ~/Library/Containers/com.mpdigital.pillarsofeternity/Data/Library/Application Support/Pillars of Eternity/Saved Game https://forums.obsidian.net/blog/7/entry-175-location-of-save-g
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