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No point in my dissimulating: I'm both new to this game, not (as I see things) a very good gamer, and not as patient as I need to be to succeed with this game . . . can't do much about my abilities at this point in my life, but I am working on the patience thing. So, my question is whether somewhere I might find recommended Group levels for specific quests. I find myself in places where I'm so completely over-matched that it's hard to imagine ever being able to tackle that one. Anyhow, ballpark recommendations would be much appreciated . . . like, say, 6 or higher for this quest, 8 or higher for this other. I understand this request--and any information that speaks to it--might be seen as 'spoiling' the game's intent. So, I'm ready to hear that. But, I'm also ready to hear where I might find what I'm after.  :w00t: 

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What you might want to do is wait 15 days for WM2 and 3.0 when they'll have "story mode" for a combat-lite type of playthrough. That would allow you to handle whatever you encounter, maybe even learn some tactics to allow future playthoughs to bump up the difficulty.

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