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  1. Any new developments or updates regarding this issue? Pallegina leaving is literally the only thing that's preventing me from sailing to Ukaizo & finishing the game...
  2. Ouch, this is very disappointing I've been holding off sailing to the final island until now because I wanted to do everything (including the 3 dlcs) first before getting an ending. I always try to do a completionist run for my first playthrough. I was happy with my playthrough since I had max relations with everyone (except for Aloth) and did not openly antagonize any major faction in the process. I did not side with any faction, just planned to go at it solo. Then, all of a sudden, Pallegina leaves the party without any prompting whatsoever and goes to stand in the ocean. I thought this was surely a bug since I had max relations with her and good relations with VTC as well. Also, she was standing in the ocean. Obviously, I couldn't continue playing until this got sorted out - otherwise, I'd have to just abandon one of my companions that I'd adventured with the entire game. It just breaks immersion in a big way since I'm emotionally invested in seeing *my* version of the story to the conclusion. If Pallegina left right after one of the triggers mentioned here it might have been easier to accept. Pallegina leaving not in reaction to something I've done in-game but just because I've updated the game... this really ruins my enjoyment I don't want to come off as being too whiny, but I just wanted to describe how I feel about this issue because I love the Pillars series - to the point that I can readily forgive minor bugs and be content to wait for a patch to fix them until I start playing again. Is there something I can do to keep Pallegina from leaving? Maybe a console command, or editing some lines in files? Even if Pallegina leaving right before endgame is indeed intended and not a bug, I would very much appreciate some way I could keep her around for the final mission... Thank you for reading, and sorry for rambling.
  3. I have the same problem! And I don't even understand why she would leave either. I have max rep with her and the VTC, and I don't think I've done any overtly hostile action towards the VTC. I did tell VTC that I will not be sailing with them at the end, but haven't made them hostile or anything. I think her leaving itself is related to the bug.
  4. After the latest patch, I've ran into a couple things that I suspect could be bugs. 1. Whenever I change my party members inside an inn (tested both at The Wild Mare & Harbinger's Watch), some of them would spawn outside of the map, in the black, empty part. I can select them by clicking on their portraits, but they cannot move. As such, I'm unable to leave the inn since I can't "gather my party before venturing forth." The only way that I can leave is by dismissing those companions. I can change companions normally on my ship, but it's a pain to have to travel back to the ship every time I want to change my party composition. 2. This might not be a bug per se, but I've noticed that if I equip a companion with trinkets that I've obtained from BoW that are also classified as "Quest Items," these trinkets would be automatically unequipped & returned to the party stash whenever I dismiss that companion from the party. Trinkets that are not classified as Quest Items are unaffected by this behavior. I hope you could look into these!
  5. https://imgur.com/a/WnrEucw So I have the same problem as everyone else - namely, I can't complete the quest peacefully since, after Ezzali tells me to go talk to Atello, talking to Atello just forces me to go to and save the thief from the Bardatto vault instead. Something even funnier has happened, however... Since I had no choice, I did as asked and save the thief from the vault, killed all Bardattos, and then returned to Atello to complete the quest. After completing the quest, I talked to Atello again and... there was the dialogue option for starting the peace summit! When I selected it, the peace talks just started as if nothing had happened, and Bardattos and Valeras agreed to form an alliance - even though I had wiped out every single Bardatto just a minute ago! As you can see from the image in the imgur link, the quest log says that I both killed the Bardattos and that the 2 families formed an alliance. Please have a look!
  6. Here is a savefile I made just after beating WMp2, before going to Burial Isle. Hope this helps.
  7. I was undetected when I stole the book. I also did bury the scroll just as Wael asked, but the quest would not complete until I speak to Grimda. I'd rather not kill everyone in the Hall since that would destroy my reputation with Defiance Bay.
  8. So when I finished the main game last year, I could not complete the quest "Parable of Wael" since everyone turned hostile when I returned to the Hall of Revealed Mysteries to speak to Grimda. I had progressed too far in the game at that point to return to an earlier save, and entering the Hall in scout mode (which seems to fix the issue for some people on this forum) did not fix the problem for me. I usually try to complete every single quest that I come across when I play an RPG game, so it bugged (no pun intended) the heck out of me when i had to finish the game without being able to complete this quest. When I searched the web for a solution I've noticed that a large number of people were having the same problem, so I believed that this was just a bug that would be fixed in subsequent patches. I thought that fixing bugged quests would be given high priority since this directly affects the enjoyability of the game. Fast forward a few months: I've returned to play The White March expansion, and am so far loving it. From reading the quest journal I remembered that I wasn't able to complete Parable of Wael, so I checked to see if the problem was fixed since then. Nope. Still can't complete the quest due to everyone turning hostile. Now, I did steal the book from the Hall before doing the Parable of Wael quest, but I made sure that I was undetected when doing so. I also have a "somewhat good" reputation with Defiance Bay. There was no indication that stealing the book would affect the outcome of Parable of Wael quest in any way. This to me seems like a clear, quest-breaking bug that has been reported numerous times that has somehow been overlooked constantly. Will there be a fix for this quest in a future patch? If not, is there a workaround that does not involve entering the Hall stealthed?
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