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  1. I see you can get another drop in different days. Example1: on Black Meadow on south you can find a death adventure with a fine hunting bow on 1 fonprima, but on 2 fonprima it get already fine war bow )) Example2: On Valewood on 20 Majprima you can get Torc of the Falcon's Eyes(amulet +2 Perception) from loose bricks but if you will try this on 1 fonprima you find Cape of Deflection(cloak +5 Deflection), on 2 fonprima ring, and so on, on 4 fonprima you will find amulet again )))
  2. What about ciphers 2nd level power "Amplified Thrust" - now it gain focus, so you can cast it continuosly and endlessly. You want to fix this bug?
  3. I see now the Faith and Conviction reputation bonuses applied but only on retrain character or on level up. Not immediately when you receive a reputation.
  4. Oh, thanks, you are right. Distant Advantage is fully broken. It is more critical bug than i thought. But developers really already known about this: http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/84026-v300929-px1-steam-not-getting-accuracy-bonus-from-distant-advantage/?hl=%2Bdistant+%2Badvantage
  5. It see was discussion earlier https://steamcommunity.com/app/291650/discussions/0/618457398961310580/ But now on 3.0 I see again Distant Advantage + Marksman get only + 5 accuracy ((
  6. I think the new athletics ability "second wind" is too boring, plus one healing spell? Previously skills was used outside of combat, and it was good idea. So what about to do: health = endurance * (3 + x*athletics), where x different from class, by example for wizard x = 0,2 for barbarian x = 0,4. What about that survival get directly bonuses for combat, why it really should do? I think survival must help to find hidden loot and switches(not mechanics). And please do something with moon goodlike ability "silver tide" - It is not interested to do a variety party on PotD because six moon goodlikes is obviously the best choice. I write about this here ( https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/84156-silver-tide-is-too-strong/ ) - it get about +25% endurance healing per cast, so 6 goodlikes = 18 time for silver tide, it get your party almost immortal
  7. I know about no helmet for goodlike, but for ST it is about +25% (variable from class hero some have +12per level endurance some +16per level) endurance for one cast (but wizard at 12 level with 18might and 10Constitution will have 36 + 11*12 endurance = 168, ST will have (10 + 3*11)*1,24 = 53,3 and it is +31,7% endurance for one cast). So usually 3 cast of ST get about +75% endurance (can get +100 for some heroes), and it is for all party!!! If ST will heal only one hero this ability can be the best in game already, but for all party it is incredibly overpowered. And I want that 3 cast of ST will be get about +25%endurance for one hero in total, and i think it will more fairly then (75-100 as now)
  8. I think moon goodlike ability "silver tide" is too strong . What about to do it as base 5 + 1per level endurance(not 10 + 3per level as now)?
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