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  1. Hawk, that is by far the best idea I have ever read on these boards. Those who insist on determining the gender/alignment of revan and the Exile could simply play the games again and KOTOR III would pick them up. If you don't care, you could jump right into KOTOR III, or it could have some lam-ish way to set everything in the game (like KOTOR II did). I bet there are plenty of people -- especially the people who care about the gender/alignment deal -- who would play through KOTOR I and II again. Reviewing the boards, I know I'm not alon when I say I've played each at least 3 times. So another time back-to-back-to-back could actually be very cool.
  2. I guess my point is that if LA leverages the Oblivion engine, they can give us all this stuff without spending much time on it. Then, they could spend their time really focusing on a compelling story. I agree with many in the forum that the story and plot of KOTOR are the MOST important aspects of the game. The other things are nice to have, but not absolutely necessary. With the Oblivion engine, LA focuses on a kick-ass story, the functionality/gameplay/graphics is already done, and everyone gets what they want.
  3. Have any of you playing Oblivion thought how cool that engine would be for KOTOR 3? It took a bit for me to warm up to Oblivion in the first place, mostly because I had to get into the story. That wouldn't be a problem with KOTOR 3 and the rich SW universe that everyone already knows. So what you'd end up with is a cool game that: 1) Lets you physically customize the **** out of your character. 2) Choose from way more races and classes
  4. I am happy to play/do many things, but am simply unwilling to leave it up to chance or someone else's whim to decide to make a game that I (and many others) would like to play. This type of petition has worked for television shows in the past. I think it could work here. If the right people at LA hear from enough of us, then they may decide it is worth it to make the game. The problem with waiting until E3 is that, if nothing is announced, then we have wasted the months between now and then doing nothing but wishing. If we act now and they DO announce at E3, all we are out is time and some money. I am happy to donate both to see KOTOR 3. I am just wondering if anyone else is. Honestly, everyone's been talking about what they would like to see in the game ... d20 or no d20 ... Revan/Exile/Neither ... old characters ... new characters. Although I care and have opinions about all of these things, I just want to play the damn game.
  5. Yes, but I think that perhaps Obsidian & Bioware are not who we should be talking to. They are wonderful companies, but the decision to make the game or not clearly rests with LA (and ultimately GL, but I cannot imagine that he would squash it for anything other than a business motive). Which means we should probably address them anyway. What does everyone on these boards do as a day job? Are there programmers? Designers? I am in advertising (copy) and would be happy to lend my skills. I feel like the answer is not a website (they can be ignored), but something more public. Perhaps we could pool money for a billboard in the neighborhood of LA. They are in the Presido now. Maybe we could design a bus side and place it on the bus that runs right past their building. Or design coasters and leave them in the cafes I here the building has (open to the public). Thoughts? Am I all alone?
  6. Kotor 3 is not even in production, why would there be any kind of announcement? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I've been lurking for a while but never posted. I've seen the polls, read the ideas, and speculated along with the rest of you. My question is, given the fact that no one has officially announced anything, perhaps we could organize some type of petition or campaign to actually make KOTOR 3? I mean, it's not perfectly clear that it is going to be made -- or that it is going to be made anytime soon. So what if we put together a site. Or sent out a petition to LA? Somehow made our voices heard? All of this navel gazing is starting to get boring. I want to DO something. The question is, what? Does anyone else feel this way?
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