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  1. PIllars of eternity WM02. I began to go into stallwart mines and the fort. But now, the quest can't be finished in journal. For exemple, I "bounty hunted" metza near the battery. The text inside the task is greyed, but not the task. And I had no message "task ended" Same thing for finishing craghold siege. I killed the lich, earned XP, but had not message about the quest is over. This can be seen in screenshot (greyed text, but not the task)
  2. Ok. It was a real bug. But not an POE bug. Rather a GOG bug. In order to go well, POE and WMI and WMII must be on the same patch level. The GOG GalaxyClient updates POE but not the extensions. I had to manually reload the extensions in order to be on th correct patch level. Now, conversation is OK.
  3. Alas, I use little saves. So no save with Tidefall in inventory. If I had know there were this kind of bugs, I would have made more save, sorry. But I was just asking myself, normally, an object must be present somewhere in the saves ? In a scene, in inventory ? Don't you have the tools to examine the saves ? I've tried but I found the saves are a serialization of the content, and I don't know wich library I could use to deserialize the saves.
  4. Installed 3.01 patch. Don't know if it's the 3.0 version or the 3.01 version, but the IA is buggy. When I combat and there are some other faction nearby, the IA seems to lose control. That's an advantage for me.... For exemple, the water elemental near the adra arch were attacking me and suddenly, a pack of them flew in another direction to attack the deers ! Or when I was bounty hunting near the bridge of Mahr, the evil paladin disengaged and went to the bridge to attack the peaceful people looking over the bridge. I had just to point and shoot him while he was killing those poor
  5. After a recommandation, I installed patch 3.01 with GOG GalaxyClient on Mac OSX. I have TWM1 and TWM2 installed. Now, it's impossible to start conversation with anyone in TWM1 ! I have the discussion balloon, I can click but ... nothing happens Should I reinstall the game from scratch ? Should I post a save ? TIA
  6. Based on your log, I notice you are still on 3.00.0967. Please download the 3.00 > 3.01 patch on gog and see if that clears up any issues. Thanks! Upgraded today to 3.01 Some more bugs found Tidefall is still not to be found anywhere.
  7. Another new bug when updating from 3.0 to 3.01. A each map entrance, the interface open up to say the caed Nua intendant has a letter for me. But there is no letter. As if the white march extension letter, already read is show as read and unread in the same time (unread for the message, read for the dialog with intendant) hope it helps
  8. Updated today to patch 3.01 Seems like thing are worst. Not only the mob is still there, but the possibility to start dialog is bugged. White march - > Russet wood -> not able to start dialog with the spirit on SW corner and not able to start dialog with the undead group leader W of map. The dialog baloon appears, but nothing is happening when I click.
  9. This is the save game and the log file. NB : for the ring, it was in the stack of a companion on stronghold. Just a mistake from my side. Tidefall is still not to be found ... https://www.dropbox.com/sh/tmgdoymv4e1ltaq/AABkHi2bWatAE5N0bgi_FTv3a?dl=0 Hope those files will help you
  10. When fighting in Ondra's gift with or versus the doemenel, if I have a weapon with a charm ability (like the scepter of Caed Nua), if someone of the opposite faction get's charmed, my allies think that now, I'm an ennemy... May be there should be a special case for reversing side in case of charms ?
  11. After having a fight with bandit just before the entrance of Cad Nua keep, the games reload but with * the peasants mob (unable to interact with) * the marshall although I already fought in yenwood, he speaks of my army and of the fight... (before the keep, not in the hall) They don't disappear after leaving and reentering the field
  12. Had the same problem with Eder. I choose the 3d weapon capability, equipped Eder with Tidefall on slot 3 but uses another weapon for some time. When I had to use Tidefall, it was gone ! I thought it was a mistake and went through all store in the games to find it ... no use. Had the same problem sometime after with the "adventure club" ring. Disappeared from Eder item inventory slot. As i had no earlier save, impossible to find it again. I can send you a save if you want.
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