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  1. Italian version is bugged too in 2.01. Should be "A una mano" Should be "Anello"
  2. Other issues with the italian localization! Should be "Spada, A una mano" Should be "Anello" Should be "Soglia di danno", not "dabnno]Soglia di danno". This is REALLY annoying to see these trivial bugs in such a wonderful game. Please, fix things up. Davide
  3. Hello, this is my first topic so please be patient if i posted it in the wrong location. ) I'm playing on the steam edition, and i'm experiencing localization errors in the italian version, such as truncations or messed up text. Following several screenshots of the issue. Following should be "Soglia di danno" instead of "danno]Soglia di danno".
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