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  1. So... Anything on the subject? It has been a month, and we still can't play the expansion.
  2. Not sure if its 'right before' but It's hard to get one 'just before' - still, talking to Stewart is available, and in the nearest future, it won't be. https://www.dropbox.com/s/ovn1pu41tww5hl1/e6d6563308344ae6a2ab1ee6218b3266%2013220053%20RuinywJelenimBrodzie.savegame?oref=e&n=284187319
  3. Quite a lot of people got this problem with Stewart and his ability for start White March. I'm aware that there are few topics that share the case like "I 'cant talk with the stewart" - but point is, people that share same glitch Can't Actually Play the Game, which is worst bug you can name - and there goes almost Month after problem was seen, and noticed by Obsidian. I'd like to hear if people touched by glitch should abandon hope and actually try to get their money back, or start over (if there is a point to it) or maybe we get more serious answer that 'we work on it' and silence for another few weeks - like a way to start White March via command, for those, who actually wait for the solution.
  4. Damn, apparently quite a lot of people can't play white march properly. Maybe it will count for somethin' for Obsidian :/
  5. Sadly, it doesn't help at all. Starting game from beginning will fix problem for most of us, but it's not the case - I'm quite not able nor willing to start from scratch, I bought expansion, but I can't use it properly, and aparently I'm not the only one with the problem, so It's product flaw. Since game is really great, studio did great job, etc etc, I'm willing to wait for solution, but twelve step mambo jumbo programm magic won't do the trick
  6. " I think I found something... Seems that the game data has been reset to "zero" on White March installation or the last update. This means that you dont own caed nua (but you do) so you can't talk with the Steward until you complete the mission (but you can't access that mission cause is already done and you are in another chapter). I figured that cause I went to cyad nial (was that the name?) the first place were Thaos exectued the ritual (just when you start the game and get out of the cave), i was there looking for a bounty and know what: I found the carbonized figure in front of the machine, Thaos and 3 people more... YES! exactly the escene have seen on the game start! but you can't interact with them. Also There is another thing that corroborates my theory . Lot of areas still being unexplored... But I already explored them! on the beggining I thought that happens cause I started chapter 3 and "things have changed" in the world, but seeing all the bugs maybe a "reset" of variables/data could be the answer for all this problems." I agree, Got extacly same issues, and I also thought that these things are related with the plot, but right now, while im tryin' to start white march, I totally agree that's the problem. I'm not sure what's the cause and how to solve problem in general, but maybe, while so many people are waiting, you'll find out some solution to reach White March grounds without Stewart, or somethin'.
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