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  1. I dont know if you can loot his pile without killing him.only dragon meat on his body, but the pile behind hime contains a good buckler that casts warding seal when hit by crit and withdraw(3sec) ,a very good warbow with +0.5 crit multiplier,14m range and can confuse on crit,I am not sure about the last one ,golves with 3dr bypass?
  2. I also play on hard,defeated it at level 12.I didn't find it very difficult,only Eder dropped 1/4 health once,others were intact.but I pre-buffed,don't know if it counts as cheese, rest in the inn,eat some food that kind of stuff,Eder engages the dragon at the lower right corner,burns a scroll of +20 defense protection and uses his own +20 defense ability while the others station at the upper right corner, drink some speed potions, burn a scoll of accuracy and a scroll of defense,cast prayer against fear,send some figurine summon and cast confuse on the minions,then focus on debuffing the
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