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  1. I think it's just the code is broke for weapons accumilating kills. The Redeemer has a proc that only procs vs Vessels, and the upgrade requirement is to kill 50 vessels with it... I've let Palladingina take out every mob I could find that it procs on and still don't have a single kill registered on the sword.
  2. I'll have to look when I get home, looking at the abilities on the Wiki I might be mistaken and mixed up the static damage with brutal backlash. Draining whip I believe adds a static amount of focus gain, but I'll have to test it out to make sure I wasn't tricking myself into thinking things are better than they are.
  3. I'm in agreement that if they were to make anything pen and paper based, they don't even need to go as far as make any game rules. For the most part, PoE is DnD 2.0.. Which means you can just put your players from any D20 system (or any system depending on the work the DM/GM wants to do) into this world of lore. Which I will say, this worlds lore is fantastic. I'm in agreement all they would really need to make is a lore/map book with all of that relevant information, and let the players use their own systems, instead of trying to develop their own from scratch. Given the smaller market
  4. Grieving Mother benefits the most from fast weapons, especially if you get her upgraded soul lash, so I went with two daggers on her for when shes not at risk of getting murdered instantly, and the fastest bow I could find. Since her passive adds a static amount of damage, faster attacks get more out of it. (When I'm in overleveled areas, she seriously murders with two daggers)
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