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  1. On the upper left corner of the first floor of the battery, there is a hidden room with a frozen dwarf inside. There you can get a note detailing the location of a few more ingots. They are in a mine cart, west side of the second floor. I have also found, although it might be a bug, that if I leave the map and return, some of the locations that contained ingots did so again.
  2. Somehow, I managed to find the Sigil of the Helm in a place I had already checked. Go figure. When I finally inserted it in the slot, the lightning around the statue dissipated but nothing else happened. What is supposed to happen, and yes I inserted sword and shield too.
  3. I figured as much. Problem is I have already gone through the whole battery with a fine toothed comb and no sigil. I am afraid that when I did the special interaction with the mine cart I went the wrong way and now I have lost it for good.
  4. While in Durgan's battery, I found three key items, a sigil of Sword, a Sigil of Shield and an Iron Dial. I pretty much found where they are supposed to go, the Hall of Rememberance in the second level of the Battery. I had no problem with the Sword and Shield but the game does not allow me to insert the dial in the third slot. I imagine that I either have to find a third Sigil, most likely the Sigil of the Helm, or somehow turn the dial into a Sigil. Anyone have any ideas?
  5. Guys, I must have encountered some kind of bug, because I started this quest in the armory, found the battered helm and had the first vision. Afterwards, I was passing by the armory again, and I found the battered helm again, only this time I had the second vision. Could anybody tell me where I am SUPPOSED to find the other parts of the helmet?
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