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  1. I don't believe that for a second (and in fact suspect that you are making a deliberately contentious statement). This isn't an MMO where the nerf-buff-nerf cycle is necessary to keep players rerolling, regearing and therefore spending money. (Or where, indeed, PvP-and-sometimes-PvE-induced butthurt results in strident cries of "OMG SO OP NERF ASAP SUB CANCELT WAITING 4 <insert next hot upcoming MMO title here>"). For most people, PoE will be one-and-done, maybe two-and-done for those who want to go for achievements. There's nothing wrong with it, PoE is not open-ended like Skyrim, it tells one story that is fairly on rails and has a definite end. It doesn't even have two distinct story branches like Witcher 2 for example, so people are unlikely to replay it more than maybe a couple times. For those wishing to do so, there are multiple classes and multiple races. This offers plenty of "fresh" experience. Ripping the guts out of the gameplay of one or another class just to keep it "fresh" is poorly justified at best, and smacks of chronically bad design choices at worst. Outside of fixing outright bug-induced exploits, single-player games should offer a fairly stable and consistent environment - at least compared to MMOs. If it is necessary to rebuild characters and drastically change your playstyle every time a patch drops, then at the very least, it leaves a very bad impression; combine that with the necessity to dodge the ever-swinging nerf bat, and one may start to wonder why they aren't playing an MMO in the first place.
  2. Not to stir gak, but does anyone else find it ironic that we have to employ this kind of duck-and-cover mentality while discussing a single-player game? And also that classes get gutted and buffed from patch to patch almost on the same level as seen in WoW when Ghostcrawler was in charge?
  3. Well we aren't talking about "some other games", are we now? We're talking about PoE and the fact that of all spellcasting classes, Wizards are saddled with the most hurdles, obstacles and inconveniences IN POE. Offensively, druids offer nearly as much in terms of direct damage spells and perhaps more when you factor in summons. Ditto for ciphers who have a narrower repertoire, but are more competent in regular combat and aren't constrained by per-rest spells (which also makes their crowd control spells better than wizards'). Priests bring a truckload of buffs that are quick to cast and provide better bonuses. The only area where wizards excel is debuffing, which is a "nice to have" rather than a "must have" in a competently put together party. But all other spellcaster classes can also debuff to an "OK" degree. So you'll excuse me if I don't see why wizards, while not being a standout in any particular fashion, warranted extra limitations. Other than, that is, Sawyer's "author bias". And no, this doesn't amount to "a grand conspiracy to demean wizards everywhere" (so in the future, kindly don't put your words into my mouth), just a biased design decision with which I happen to strongly disagree.
  4. Does it surprise you though? Wizards are screwed from every angle - they need to pay for new spells, they are limited by grimoire capacity, they are saddled with grimoire cooldown... It's almost as if the designers have something against the class. Then again, didn't Sawyer once say outright that he thought that wizards were too powerful and flexible in other games and that his mission would be to nerf them?
  5. There is literally not a single new feature in 2.0 that is worth disabling IEMod for. At least for me. So I guess my Steam is going to be in offline mode for a couple weeks.
  6. I hope the unarmed slot never goes away. Otherwise, I'd have to manually unequip weapons from my party so they don't walk around peaceful areas with their guns and swords out like a bunch of jackoffs (especially my main, carrying the Disappointer with the Corrosive Lash on it that constantly drips green radioactive snot). Seriously. Immersion FTW. Nobody would let me into Ducal Palace with my guns out.
  7. Dragon Age Origins was amazing. In almost every respect. If there is such a thing as the CRPG messiah, DA:O came the closest to it (suck it, Skyrim). What followed it was a mess of cruddy redesign, simplification and vomit-inducing social justice spread over the course of two games, and more's the pity. Divinity: Original Sin has fantastic game mechanics. Aside from two broken perks that should have never been (Glass Cannon and Lone Wolf) there is practically nothing wrong with the ruleset and its implementation. Unfortunately, EVERYTHING ELSE is wrong: static MMOish world right down to the weather, typical Divinity silliness that has to have stupid goofs at every turn, and the story that made me *yawn* *stretch* what was I talking about again? POE tells a good story (so far), but the game mechanics are just... eh. I'll refrain from complaining too loudly on the author company's own forums, but I will say this: there's room for improvement. Significant room for improvement. Starting with making Might not the be-all-end-all stat that it is right now. Bottom line? Nobody's quite got it yet.
  8. As long as this framework is used to update IEMod for 2.0, I don't even care if any new features are added. That said, it would be nice to have an option to control how much focus ciphers start combat with (i.e. full, half, quarter), and perhaps even an option to manipulate the focus gain per attack. And/or (if I may indulge in wishlisting here), maybe even dynamic focus regeneration in combat...
  9. Just what it says on the tin. I find the 1.06 ciphers most solo-unfriendly due to long spell casts and lack of reliable defense (similar to arcane veil for example). There are stories abound of people soloing the game on PoTD; as a cipher, is this even within the realm of possibility? And would it be based on exploiting and cheesing (i.e. running away so the mob leashes, exploiting bad pathfinding, etc.)?
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