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  1. Hello. I've added and installed the new expansion to my game and I see it is installed as it shows the installed icon on my main game menu. How do I go about accessing the new areas and content as I can't seem to find any new maps or quests or info about it. Thanks.
  2. Hello. I've activated the update 2.0 beta for my game but I'm having a few problems, don't know if anyone could give any input. The hit percents don't work for my melee characters, only the magic use. It only shows a ?% above any enemy I target with melee or missiles. Also, the AI doesn't seem to be working. I setup preferences for all of my characters except for the mage who is my main character and control. The other characters don't seem to do anything as before, not using any of their abilities or spells. It mentions that AI can be activated or deactivated, do I need to turn it on for them or am I just doing something wrong? Thanks for any help.
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