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  1. So at some point, Tekehu spiritshifted into a shark and post-combat he just... kept the druid shark teeth in his weapon slot. I'm not exactly sure when or what the conditions of this combat were, as it took me a bit to notice, but the shark teeth can now be moved around like any one-handed weapon, even given to other characters... and seem to have also replaced his previous (unique) rod he was using, which I don't seem to be able to get back. Having unequipped the shark teeth and given him a new rod, I haven't yet been able to reproduce the bug - it doesn't happen every time. I'll keep an
  2. I was having this happen very specifically when outdoors in Satahuzi as of beta patch It was raining at some point, I think, but the sound triggered even after I waited until morning there and the rain had stopped.
  3. I am absolutely stunned by how much work has been done on the wiki already. I've been chipping away at pet locations; just started a new playthrough and I think I might make that my new pet project (pun notwithstanding). So - is there a way to figure this out at a glance without having a character in your party who has exactly 10 might?
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