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  1. Yes, the floating numbers above the enemies they're attacking. Also, noticed this just now, the damage being dealt to them by enemies is also missing.
  2. Wow. Kudos to them and it does the title justice.
  3. As title says. It used to show up, but now it doesn't. Switching to the others makes their damage show up but the exile's now disappears i.e. damage only shows up for the char you're currently controlling. I can't exactly pinpoint when this happened. It carries on saves and reloading to an earlier save doesn't fix it. I have the retail version fully patched up to TSLRCM+droid planet.
  4. @DarthDeven That did the trick. Thanks. Although I'd like to note that, Kreia's influence really did increase after I did her dialogues (it was 26 before, then 42); she just didn't talk to me about the stuff she used to, anymore, for some reason. So I'm guessing there's an interval in between the low influence and high influence where she doesn't want to talk to you about stuff. But, anyway, guess I'll enjoy the game, now .
  5. Thanks for the reply. What's the variable name for Kreia influence? Is it just a random bug? No no-cheat/hack workaround?
  6. Wait for Episode 7 first. It might introduce new lore. It's far, far into the future, timeline-wise but the movies have the greatest weight with regards tot he lore of this universe. I'm still butt-blasted about Episodes 1-3, how all Jedis wear Obi-Wan's desert robes and being celibate, but that was the lore KOTOR used. I'm sure if E7 showed something new that is supposed to have existed there forever but was never shown until now, KOTOR would have to follow suit.
  7. I've just finished Telos Academy and visiting my first world (Dantooine). My current influence on Kreia stands at the point where I she talks to me about Atris and how Revan amassed a huge force. But then, after getting another influence increase on the mechanic NPC on Dantooine (Tarn, I think was his name), I now fail the influence checks for those questions. I experimented not talking to Tarn and got an alternative influence increase - the talk immediately after Visas joins. Same thing happens - she doesn't talk to me regarding those questions anymore i.e. the problem doesn't seem tied to the Tarn dialogue but with gaining influence with her outright. Why is this happening?
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