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  1. Explanations aside, the game still crashes on me all the time, even after this graphics throttling. Again, PoE becomes unique--never have I had a game crash so very much. Sometimes it's not terribly often, other times it's disturbingly frequent. One time the game even crashed my Mac, which I can count on one hand the number of times a program has done this. For what it's worth--to developers who might actually be considering the issue or fellow players who might be encountering the same problems--the game crashes the most when transitioning from place to place on the map. (Might there even
  2. I really do appreciate the informative and frank updates, celliott, but I must say--while I don't play many non-console games, I don't think I've ever encountered anything like this "locked resolution" issue/solution, i.e. having something I paid for suddenly downgraded like that. I also rarely post game grievances online, but I do think something like either a partial refund or some kind of credit for The White March is a legitimate ask to Obsidian--as I can say that I am definitely having a different, lesser gaming experience with this lower-locked resolution.
  3. Description: At a certain point (I'm not exactly sure when/how), I lost the ability to change the screen resolution in the Graphics tab in the Options menu. The best/only option I'm given is 1200x800 (see screenshot include in Dropbox-linked folder), whereas my Macbook Pro (which has a Retina display) previously has been able to offer/handle/support much higher resolutions. Steps to Reproduce the Issue: (I'm not sure how to reproduce the issue on someone else's machine.) Important Files: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/9d58neg386l83ep/AAClBzLhmvo9_8gM_rX1wVlPa?dl=0 Savegames Outp
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