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  1. Explanations aside, the game still crashes on me all the time, even after this graphics throttling. Again, PoE becomes unique--never have I had a game crash so very much. Sometimes it's not terribly often, other times it's disturbingly frequent. One time the game even crashed my Mac, which I can count on one hand the number of times a program has done this. For what it's worth--to developers who might actually be considering the issue or fellow players who might be encountering the same problems--the game crashes the most when transitioning from place to place on the map. (Might there even be a thread out there that addresses this issue? Any help finding one would be most appreciated, of course...if it exists.) Also again--I really do dislike saying Cranky Gamer things like this, but this situation is so bad I'm thinking it's well past time for me to stop recommending this game to friends, even with (if-you're-playing-on-a-computer-like-mine) qualifications. I'm starting to feel like I need to actually warn those friends I've recommended PoE to...
  2. I really do appreciate the informative and frank updates, celliott, but I must say--while I don't play many non-console games, I don't think I've ever encountered anything like this "locked resolution" issue/solution, i.e. having something I paid for suddenly downgraded like that. I also rarely post game grievances online, but I do think something like either a partial refund or some kind of credit for The White March is a legitimate ask to Obsidian--as I can say that I am definitely having a different, lesser gaming experience with this lower-locked resolution.
  3. Description: At a certain point (I'm not exactly sure when/how), I lost the ability to change the screen resolution in the Graphics tab in the Options menu. The best/only option I'm given is 1200x800 (see screenshot include in Dropbox-linked folder), whereas my Macbook Pro (which has a Retina display) previously has been able to offer/handle/support much higher resolutions. Steps to Reproduce the Issue: (I'm not sure how to reproduce the issue on someone else's machine.) Important Files: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/9d58neg386l83ep/AAClBzLhmvo9_8gM_rX1wVlPa?dl=0 Savegames Output Log System Specs Screenshot
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