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  1. 1. I had an issue with hired adventurers which I cannot reproduce at this point so I might have been fixed. I created two lvl 4 characters and set their level 1 stuff (abilities and such). The leveling up on clicking the + as usual gave me the level up for 4 however, meaning I effectively lost the levelups for 2 and 3. I was able to work around this by buying a respec for him after creation. This was not reproducable for me with that savegame, so that might be fixed with the last patch. 2. Assuming this chart is accurate https://assets.rpgsite.net/images/images/000/066/406/article/DeadfireGuideTable.png my characters do not gain Weapon Proficiency correctly. They are a Battlemage and an Ascetic. The same characters on level 7 now both have 1 Weapon proficiency. I assume they had the ones removed that I chose on creation and only got the level 4 one, not sure. They also did not get a Weapon proficiency at level 7. If I respec them now they reset to level 2, losing all abilities in the tree. This means I don't get to chose any Weapon proficiency again (for level 1) plus I lose two abilities per class (both are multiclass characters) that I would chose for level 1. 3. I also have another hired adventurer (Herald) which I created with level 5 (I think). For her the character creation worked correctly. When I rescpec her she does not lose the Weapon proficiencies from level 1 (cannot change them though). But she does lose phrases aswell as the paladin passive Deep Faith. After the respec Deep Faith is greyed out for level 2, but selectable later (?). I think I chose Deep Faith for level 1 aswellm so I again lose a point when respecing. The chants I created which use the phrase I had before respec still have it, but they are not selectable on the left in the chant creation screen. Tl;dr; - no Weapon proficiency at level 7 - no respec to level 1, if it has to be 2 for whatever reason atleast let me keep the stuff I chose for that level at creation. - remove phrases in chants I don't have anymore after respec. Also: Please add a button somewhere that lets me see the ability tree of a character outside of when he is leveling up. And please grey out the unreachable power levels for multiclass in the character selection aswell like it is in the level up process. Attaching the savegame with the aforementioned characters at level 7 aswell as a screenshot from a level 7 character with only 1 Weapon Proficiency besides Unarmed, which should not be possible outside of Devoted. Wont bother with system specs for now since it does not seem like a technical issue to me. https://www.dropbox.com/s/aawnrl9tk2vljku/filesLevelingIssues.zip?dl=0
  2. This idea started as more of a gimicky fun party build, but it has proven viable. Difficulty is PoTD. The main idea is to have 5/6 characters use ranged weapons, benefitting from the "Sure-Handed Ila Nocked Her Arrows with Speed"-chant while one fighter goes as tanky as possible. Additionally to the fighter tanking I summon as many pets as the game allows, practically flooding the battlefield with an armada of trashmobs. I gathered all the figurines that allow to summon a creature + the cloak. Summon those when needed to build living walls to shield the shooting squad, atleast until the chanters gather enough phrases to summon their pets. The chanters basically should use whatever pets the last got from leveling up. The Characters: PC Wood Elf Chanter Chants "Sure-Handed Ila Nocked Her Arrows with Speed" + anything (Aefyllath Ues Mith Fyr?) Wood Elf Ranger Kana Chants When using a long chant as second on PC alternate "Sure-Handed Ila Nocked Her Arrows with Speed" for 100% uptime otherwise anything Edér With heavy armor, Trollhide Belt and Cloak of the Tireless he rarely takes serious damage, and if he does hes got Unbending and the Second chance ring. Durance
  3. I think I broke this quest. I cleared Cliaban Rilag without Edér in my party and picke up the standard piece. Apparently it does'nt count as found now and I am stuck at the queststate 'Search the battlefied etc'. Really annoying since this also keeps me from completing the bounties.
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