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  1. Just an update on this issue ... I've now lost Eder and Kana as well. I removed them so that I could claim bounties with just my main pc (more xp) and when I went back to the party management menu, both were missing. Kana is back outside Caed Nua and won't join. Eder is back in Gilded Vale and likewise won't join. My world is now littered with npcs who think they are travelling with me but are stuck in their original start position. I've only got Aloth and a bunch of custom characters to finish the game.
  2. ...oh and another thing that might help: The reason I had to create a new custom character was that I sent Grieving mum and Sagani on two assignments from stronghold. Messages appeared telling me they'd completed their assignments and were returning to stronghold, but neither turned up. When I next went to Caed Nua there were no companions there at all. I found Grieving Mum back in Dyrford but I never have come across Sagani again.
  3. Hi Celliott, No, I didn't dismiss Durance through dialogue - in fact, if you talk to him (or any of the other companions) the dialogue options suggest that he still believes his is travelling with me. I even get the dialogue option of 'let's get moving' or similar, but they do not join. Durance was in my party and I went to an inn to try and recruit new adventurers (as all of mine were missing from stronghold which prevented me from carrying out any adventures or escorting duties). In the party management screen I had to dismiss Durance in order to add my newly created monk and level her up. Unfortunately once I'd done that, Durance was not in the stronghold and was no longer recruitable from Magran's Fork. I have just repeated the action now by creating a new priest and dismissing everyone apart from this new character from my party - when I go back to Caed Nua, they are all sitting there comfortably. So this issue doesn't appear to be happening any more. However, when it did, it meant losing all the companions I had recruited and now I cannot get any of them back except the 4 I have in my party. I'm guessing this means going back a month or so to saved games where everyone is still available and starting again from there? Unless you have any better suggestions? Many thanks for looking into this.
  4. Many thanks for your speedy response and let me know if you find anything.
  5. Hi, I would like to report a bug that's really affecting my gameplay: Since patch at start of June, the companions and custom characters I had in my stronghold have disappeared. Custom Characters are completely gone while the game npcs have returned to their original locations but are now non-recruitable. Those in my party remain fine, but I recently hired a custom character from an inn and had to remove Durance to make way for them. Durance is now back in his original location of Magran's Fork and is, like the others unrecruitable. I enclose a link to a drop box zip containing: dxdiag output log save file - everyone available - which is a save from before the june patch save file - Dur, Greive, Sag & Hiv missing - from current game with everyone missing save file - Durance non recruitable - from current game showing how characters cannot be recruited https://www.dropbox.com/s/c3glmnvu0pdj7dg/PoE%20Saves%20-%20output.zip?dl=0 Is there any way I can re-recruit these companions as I have not completed the quests for any of them. Also, Eder's quest seems to be broken now as he permanently wishes to speak to me but has no further dialogue options. Any response gratefully received.
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