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  1. well I'm glad it was me and not the game. And that makes sense now actually - how would one hold a blade to someone's throat, with no blade in their hand? Really appreciate you taking the time to check though, thanks so much!
  2. Hi - I restarted my play through of PoE after the latest hot-fix as I wasn't too far through the game and am up to completing the Against the Grain quest. Last time I resolved this by using the dialog option to hold a blade against the dwarf's throat and was going to do the same thing again (that option suited my pirate character the best I felt) however I don't seem to have that option available to me again - I've looked online and it seems you need a Dexterity 16 check, which my character has - not sure if this is a bug? I've added my save game & output log in the attached zip file in case. If I'm doing something wrong for this quest please let me know. I'm running the game on Windows 8, downloaded via GOG and am patched up with the latest IE mod as well. Any insight would be appreciated, thanks! zip files.zip
  3. I'm also experiencing this bug, I've noticed. Not the worst one I've encountered, but it's frustrating only for the fact that, after choosing say Aloth or Durance to cast a spell, they will just wait until I manually assign them to attack again, even though the other companions are getting beaten up. It can be worked around obviously - just have to be extra aware and keep assigning the team their actions. And it's still a lot of fun!
  4. Hi there, just wanted to add to the issue of the sound bug when speaking to backer NPCs - it's really noticeable when moving from 1.05 to 1.06. Disappointing as it does break immersion; does anyone know if other sounds are affected? I hope I'm not missing out on spoken dialogue etc. as I'm still quite close to the beginning of the game I believe. Really hoping for a hotfix!
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