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  1. I was referring to the paladin's defensive bounus from Faith and Conviction. I know any character can get Cruel or Aggressive to level 4 and can sometimes use those to pass dialogue checks, but only a BW paladin will get an additional defensive bonus from those dispositions. I figure a good "evil" party would include: **SPOILERS** Grieving Mother- as you said, she was manipulative. Also, she is more of an "ends justify the means" person, so I don't think she would have a problem justifying harsh actions as long as it healed the hallowborn crisis. Aloth- I'm sure he did some
  2. I'm not sure but could it be better to dump Con and max out Res/Per to capitalize on deflection? At least on patch 1.05, I tested the effects of INT on DoT skills like Envenomed Strike, and with an increase in INT, there's an increase in total damage output (for example, instead of saying 50 damage over 11 seconds, an increase in INT will change the skill to say something like 56 damage over 12.5 seconds, which means the skill has a base damage per second, and the more seconds the effect lasts, the more total damage). My understanding is also that DoT effects never stack with themselv
  3. This was one of the hardest fights for me in PotD. After reloading a half dozen times, I just went back and completed the quest in a different way that didn't require me to fight the banshee and spirits. Perhaps I could have done it if I came back when I was closer to level 10, lol!
  4. I played a Bleak Walker through the game and didn't have anyone leave my party (although I didn't stumble upon GM until I already cleared most of Act 2!). For the most part, your companions seem to follow your lead even if you are cruel/aggressive, although honestly, most of the cruel dialogue options were just from throwing insults around rather than actually doing anything "cruel," with a couple of notable exceptions. You said you're only at the beginning, so as you uncover your companions' pasts, you will learn that half of them are guilty of some pretty horrible things on their own.
  5. Wow, really cool piece of character backstory! It clearly demonstrates how strong GM is. I vividly remember the dialogue with Durance where he talks about how he learned to, presumably through horrible torture, damage a soul itself rather than just take a life. After that, I saw Durance in a whole different light, one where even my own Bleak Walker paladin was sleeping with one eye open! Durance and GM were both very high profile characters back in their day and were bound to meet again eventually... Durance waits around for years specifically to meet the watcher he saw in his visions
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