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  1. I keep running in to scenarios where enemies won't die. It is EXTREMELY frustrating, finishing some tough battles, and when all the enemies are dead but an NPC will be running around as if he's not dead and I can't leave combat. I can't leave the area. I can't rest. This has been really bad since the release of the last patch. It's happening more and more frequently, and I will have to reload and do the combat all over again.
  2. I have to agree with the OP, and it is frustrating that this issue is still going on. Framerate drops are particularly bad in areas of multiple characters/NPCs. Just with my party alone, taking out party members yields a change in 10 fps. It's ridiculous, particularly if you have a high end system. This game is not that demanding. There's no excuse for it. I noticed the decrease in performance when the patch with white march part one came out. The worst area for me is entering Cragholdt bluffs. As soon as I enter the area I'm starting out at 44-47 fps. As soon as battle starts, it goes down to 22-36. This is horrible. Most of the game plays above 60 fps for me. With the release of the white march 2 expansion and the new patch, I was hoping some of this would be fixed. But nothing changed. Its bad enough for me to decide not to purchase white march part 2. Come on, Obsidian... fix this!
  3. I have the same issue as the OP, and it's definitely not drivers. I have the latest. The only areas I notice drops in Framerates are in the expansion areas, like white march. Framerates start at 45- unlike the rest of the game which stay between 70 and 80. Once combat starts, framerates drop to low 20's. Was hoping the patch 2.02 would fix this, but no luck. It's been a month since release... any update/fix for this? news?
  4. STILL low framerates in White March areas.... sigh.
  5. For some, I saw that they had performance areas in even parts of the main game. I haven't experienced that, but I also haven't hit all the old areas yet. I've been going back and forth, and in particular to the new areas. Framerates start out at 44/45, and then bottom out to 22-25 during combat. It's horrible. During one of the last beta updates, I loaded a saved game in which I was in one of the new white march areas, and it bugged out to where none of my characters could be seen. The first thing I noticed, however, was that my framerate was back up to 90. When I reloaded a different saved game in which I could see my characters it dropped back to 45. So it must have something to do with how the characters are rendered?
  6. In every area of the main game, my framerate stays between 50 to 80, but in the new white march expansion areas, framerates only go as high as 45 and dip to 23 during combat. This is horrible. What is going on?
  7. Good info.... thanks to all that replied. I did not think about the stealth ranged attack from other party members. I will try using that now. I really hope Obsidian changes stealth so it's used like in Baldur's gate. This stealth mechanic makes no sense!
  8. I absolutely love this game! I'm just having one issue: how in the hell are you supposed to use stealth? What strategy does everyone use for it? Here's my problem: I have invested stealth points in my rogue, but this is starting to be pointless for two reasons: if I want to engage a target with the rogues stealth attack bonus, he is immediately put in a tough spot as the main target. This makes his stealth attack bonus absolutely worthless. I have the skill vanish skill, but using this only twice per rest means it's very limited. The second problem is stealth puts the entire party in stealth, not just my rogue. While this is all well and good, it makes me feel like I should have to invest points in stealth for all party members? This is really frustrating me. Am I missing something? What does everyone else do? I want to be able to keep just my rogue in stealth when the rest of the party engages;. Once he attacks, he obviously can't go back in to stealth unless he uses vanish. This is the way it should be!!!!
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