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  1. There's nothing unusual about having a thousand bugs in a released program. Many popular and successful software products have thousands of bugs, and each new patch invariably introduces more bugs. A count of the number of bugs in software is meaningless in determining the quality of the software. One single bug could cause the game to be unplayable, while 900 bugs could be so minor they're not even noticed by most people.
  2. I started my first playthrough on my home computer on hard with expert mode enabled, and have been actually enjoying most of the restrictions (no helpful tips, aoe markers, can't open stash, etc.) Last weekend I traveled out of town, and decided to play on my laptop. As soon as I loaded my last save I noticed something was wrong, and finally I realized that expert mode was off. I was able to check/uncheck the various settings, like locking the stash, and I started seeing all the tutorial popups. When I returned home and played on my gaming machine, the expert mode setting was back in p
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