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  1. Which one is that and where do I get it? I'm looking for something proper for my melee cipher with below 30% speed red. BTW, sorry but I got to add, everything related to gear in this game, from looks to stats, is donkey sh*t bad. 1/10.
  2. Yeah, I'm kinda fed up with this game. I've been disappointed one too many times. In my first playthrough as my DPS paladin in hard mode, I first had to stop and wait for a fix after learning the stat inflation bug. After it arrived and I resumed my game I got bored to death because the paladin class was one of the worst paladin designs I've ever seen (just 1 attack ability lmao). That coupled with the fact that chapter 3 was weak and seemed really rushed. Also there was zero challenge and I was steamrolling groups with my party (and epic autoattack paladin lol) at that point. I was really sad as I waited for the game for so long and was actually loved the overall design and feel of the game (dialogue, music, background). I could list 100 negative points, but still the game was special for me. After some time I decided to give it a second go, and went PotD cipher. I had a blast so far... and then mid game (near chapter 3) these patch notes are announced. My PotD cipher was a dual wielding build, focusing on generating focus from fast attacks. I got the two weapon style and draining whip (+2 focus per hit) and Ruffian weapon perk to dual wield stilettos (even got them enchanted). It was a very challenging style as you had to be very careful since he was extremely squishy but very deadly - a very fun glass cannon. In the patch notes it's written: "Draining Whip is now working as intended." In the beta Draining whip is changed to "increases Focus gain by 33%" It looks almost as if they were too embarassed to state it in the patch notes. This and reducing starting focus from 1/2 of max to 1/4 of max... I mean why go so f*cking hard? Why not 1/3? It's not the nerfs that I care about. It's that if such HUGE changes were required, why did they release it that way? These are not minor tweaks, it RUINED my build midgame. I do not want to use the cheat engine so I'll just continue in this f*cked up state (if I will have the will to). Good job really.
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