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  1. The "Engagement" thing is what I see as an inovation here in POE combat (and this style of tactical Rpgs). Regarding both difficulty, realism and feeling. Awesome, simple and effective. Other than that...well Dragon Age Origins had the best "new age" 3d graphics in my opinion, beautifuly blended with this old-style tactics strategy combat. I really miss DAO 1 graphics engine. The spells where as "flashy" as they should and everything was eye-friendly. It wasn't so heavy either to run, in relative old PCs. Pausing or not pausing it's a matter of preference and many times ability and gear. I for example have a simple ancient keyboard and I am generally bored setuping macros etc....for a single player RPG, not worth my time. So I pause and click icons. am not the kind of guy to talk about that, but yes I find my self pausing more in POE than in DAO, even with the slowdown, I choose to pause to get the maximum in difficult situations....whatever that means.
  2. MapTool from the RpTool.net is the BEST open free map platform available out there. Great even for heavy dungeoniring when you gather with friends around a table and a large inch TV screen. Great. From map-making to online dungeon crawling with friends connected to your server. One may even write to-hit attack / damage macros (or find on the net for simple systems d20 etc) and just voice over as a DM the story... being connected to a voice conference.
  3. The idea seems quite interesting to me too. Game mechanics and stuff aren't so difficult to find - adapt to or create. One can even relate to existing systems also through collaborations. The important thing to understand though is that when converting or extracting a world from a game so that "new heroes" may come and "roleplay" whether this is called a board game or tabletop rpg, there must be a unique style element/reason to play. A unique reason for new heroes to emerge etc. Having 'Watchers' randomly walking around for adventuring isn't much worth dreaming of. You have played that in the "PC game". Generally the setting of POE has many nice elements...like animancy, hollowborn, watchers etc. That can make for a fantasy grim setting. But way more things must emerge to cover up the "future plots" and politics for a complete world-setting, for a proper tabletop rpg.
  4. Yes it clarifies your position to me... 1. Go for it. 2. Go for it. 3. Go for it (But have in mind to create the NPCs you like to acommpany you...That's you style preference as I understand) 4. ------ (I can't tell due to not Spoil your game. If you need heavy Puzzle feel or at least Medium...so far I would say No, from my experience. Quests yes have outcomes and stuff...and that impacts your "alignment" let's say. So apart from story outcomes, your renown differs the way you experience the game) 5. Go for it. If you need more RP elements from NWN it's a yes for me. No big deal in NWN anyway. Mind though that the feeling of the story is different. Read some introduction reviews first.
  5. Story chars and combat were awful...? In what way? And since when simply "density"...quest or whatever...makes for Quality? A good story-driven game/movie/scenario is not based on density man. It is based on the way you weave things properly. An open-exploration game is another thing, if at all ; density counts there. Just making a quest having 15 outcomes or 15 parts/acts does not qualify it as a "nice story". (I can't spoil here. But could refer to some early story examples for POE. Anyway) Story was fast and thrilling in BG...you got the feeling of a past hunting you (even without having played BG I first) and a main rival hunting you at present. You had to find a way to survive (and fast on some Chapters)...and what the hell are ya talking about characters? The most critical moment of the game, a major party member was kidnapped and a whole chapter was around that (that being said she was also your sister...even if not a valueable party member). BG had a wonderfully weaved story. Characters had their own agenda (they didn't just cling onto your arms for no reason; after all you where a demi-god) and they could even leave party if your leader's actions did not go in-line with their personality. You never got the feeling they where just puppets, within general game mechanic terms and common sense. You had to finish their quest fast if you wanted to move on with them. Comparison isn't fair...but not for the "reasons" you refer to. Comparison generally isn't fair...but that's another story. For me BG wins over characters entirely. That's a genre preference, but still I find some POE's stuff (Sagani for example) childish. If a thrilling element or anxiety style is your choice, it also wins in story so far for me. If world-exploration is one's choice POE wins so far. POE combat and visual effects are way better, of course. Setting and game feel + music are toe to toe; depends.
  6. Hail there... I would like to endorse the team for the general quality of the game. Really nice job, after so many years there is truly an old-flavour game out. In this post I'll outline/mention only 1 general drawback I witness. The general feeling of the game is a very nice blend of fantasy and grim-dark setting. At least to me (and with no spoiler reading so far) . Without having a kickstarter initial pledge, I got the chambion pack just to endorse the game. You have included several settings in the game for hardcore gamers (less feedback options etc.) . Also you made the game truly playable by old PCs. Nice. Why there isn't an option at least...to remove magic-enhancement weapon effects though? I mean...you've included even a humour effect option for big heads. Can't be so difficult to remove some of these high glamour effects from enhancements....that even my 5th level character can craft on simple weapons! I am wielding just a 1st tier enhanced weapon (flaming, slaying whatever) and I get the feeling I am wielding Elric's Stormbringer or Excalibur or something....apart from Graphics burden things...it's also unfitting I think to the rest of the game's touch. When and if I truly find Excalibur in game....how visualy is this going to differ from the rest....of the gear? A suppress "common" enhancements option, I think would be a nice addition. P.S when does a DLC with more..."manly"...companions comes out? Like you know old classic stuff legends. A classic dwarf warrior. A female necromancer. A barbarian. A little more....adult flavour companion stories.
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