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  1. You can go a lot further at lower levels if you're using figurine summons and don't mind reloading a few times. On potd difficulty I went 1-3 on lvl 5, 4-6 on lvl 6, and 7-11 on lvl 7. Haven't gotten further than that as I'm finishing up chapter 2. It has been challenging and time consuming, but fun. I'm planning to tackle the rest as I level up and see how it goes. Btw this is me as ciper, the rest are Eder, Kana, Durance, Aloth and Hiravias. I'm still playing 1.4 as I don't like updating to 1.5 half way through the game. I use two summons.
  2. I was genuinely confused about this. If you have a priest in your party doesn't that make pally auras more or less useless? They should at least stack, and have the same range as chanter verses to make them useful in a party. I'm playing on potd and almost done with chapter 2, so far Kana can ot just as well as Pallegina, but seems a lot more useful and helpful.
  3. This bug is still on-going. Logged into the game today and noticed Aloth's items were all missing. The funny thing is I never dismissed him; his stats are still in the game since I first recruited him. This happened in-between Od nua and resting at the stronghold. From poking around, it seems like this happens to Aloth more than other npcs. How do I prevent this from happening again? Also, where is the option to report the bug in-game?
  4. Yeah, but how does that work? I'm on the beta and haven't found the option. I would especially like to redo GM, since her faculties really aren't up to scratch. Took me a while to find as well. It's not in an intuitive menu. OPTIONS -> DIFFICULTY -> Uncheckmark the "Auto Level Companions" box Yeah, I found it, since another user pointed me to the menu, where I really didn't expect to find it. He got the category wrong, but once pointed in the right general direction, it was only a question of time to figure it out. Thanks anyway. It certainly will be usefull for other to know where to find it. Make sure that you uncheck the autolevel option as soon as you start a new game though. Otherwise you're collecting the same old autolevelled folks. Is this only for when you pick them up, or can it be done retroactively? I'm on level 5 and have found all the companions.
  5. Hello all. I'm playing a blind playthrough of potd with myself as a cipher along with companion npcs. I use the Ie mod to make xp requiring 25% more. Since this is my first playthrough, I'm wondering if this is the appropriate increment. I like the game to be challenging, so I would rather be slightly under leveled as opposed to over. I've completed the temple and stronghold area so far and just picked up the ranger/druid/cipher companion. Concerning the stronghold, this is one aspect of the game that don't particularly care for. I can either ignore it, or use id mod cheat to complete all the buildings since I don't use it anyay. My question is the bounty quests. I need some copper to upgrade armor, weapons, etc..., but I don't want to do the quests if it's going to bump me up a level as I understand they give huge xp rewards. Should I ignore them? Does enabling the buildings through cheat change the rest of the game in anyway? Also, I would like to do all the npc questlines. How does that factor in interms of their xp? Do companions automatically level w/o your input if left alone in the stronghold? Thanks in advance.
  6. Hello. I'm wondering if anyone knows how to use the same keybinds for more than one level of spell? For example, if I keybind ® to a level 1 spell, when I go to bind a similar type level 2 spell using ®, it removes the keybind from the level 1 spell. I would like to keep the same keybind throughout the various level spells, but it seems the game only allows one set of active keybind at a time. This would save a lot of time during combat moving from level to level without having to refamiliarize myself with all the spells again. I have a specific keybinding scheme carrying over from various mmos. I would use (Q) for all debuff, (W) for all cc., (A) for all self-buff, ® for all attacks..etc But, everytime I keybind a higher level spell to a key, the game would remove that previous keybind that I use for the lower level.
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