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  1. If we're talking UI improvements, the first thing I would want would be a way (hold RMB?) to show an expected impact summary, listing each affected target along with its health pips and active effects. For each target, it would indicate the list of relevant effects to be inflicted, including the Glance/Hit/Crit % and expected damage/duration, based on defenses and DT for each target (with a ? if one of the inputs is a guess). In theory you could calculate it by hand based on the info the game gives you, but it would be a pain in the ass for even one target, let alone each one in an AoE. Providing the information would hopefully encourage more tactical behavior.
  2. So, I read the review. Two thoughts: 1. I really have been enjoying playing PoE. I'm not done, but I'm well into Act 3. It's one of the better games I've played in a while, money and time well spent, very good job of invoking IE nostalgia. 2. I can't actually disagree with the points he makes in the review. Yeah, it's maybe focusing too much on what doesn't work and not enough on what does. But still, I would recommend it to anyone working on a hypothetical PoE2 or expansion, because it really does nail down the weak points.
  3. I think it's probably to some extent due to the need for maintaining an IE (or at least D&D in the case of the psionist... err, cipher) sort of feel with the classes. It's not like you couldn't make a more interesting fighter class concept (say, let them define fighting styles by stringing together moves like a chanter's phrases, with each move boosting the ones that follow).
  4. If I had my druthers, they'd find some arid region accessible to both the Vailian Republics and Dyrwood and use it to stage a fantasy Western during a sort of hybrid Manifest Destiny/gold rush scenario. Would be a nice opportunity to see what kind of classes they could come up with if they weren't going for Forgotten Realms nostalgia. Revolver-toting spellslingers, mystic gamblers armed with enchanted tarot decks and luck based abilities, scalp-collecting Glanfathan reavers or shamans with animal spirit guides... if nothing else, something less boring than fighters and paladins. It would also be an ideal setting to replace the stronghold concept with something that works more like Oregon trail -- managing a caravan, fixing wagon wheels, buying supplies (to cut back a bit on rest spamming). Probably not dying of dysentery, but maybe you could still pick up long-lasting afflictions. You could also probably cut down on the weird Adventure concept from strongholds by just giving non-party companions a lot of non-scripted, mechanical ways to use their time -- guarding the camp, practicing skills, training other characters, crafting items, healing the injured, hunting, using their skills to earn money in town.
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