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  1. Can you please add this fix, as "Schin" developer communicated it would be done? (Party members switching position all the time) https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/104908-party-members-switching-positions-all-the-time/ Many thanks
  2. I always have to put manually my tank and fighter in the first two places, they keep being switched in the last positions. It is really annoying, how do i fix this please? thanks
  3. since last patch, especially after fights, sometimes some numbers (like the ones that show the damage dealt) remain on screen. Only way to remove them is to quit ansd reload. Anyone solved this in a better way? thanks
  4. Maybe a stupid question, but do you pay wages only to the crew members aboard, or to all the members of the roster (also the known sailors) ? it seems to me the wages i pay are getting higher and higher...how do i see the wage of each crew member apart from when i initially hire them? thanks
  5. many thanks, i was missing the HOLD command. I will experiment with some of this. I have 4 or 5 bounties to hunt for.. I presume shooting at the sails is just a waste then, unless you want to escape and they are faster than you
  6. 0 - If a character is unconscious at the end of a battle, does he/she still get the experience? These all related to ships/naval battles: 1- Is it worth investing in bigger ships (very expensive)? I would rather upgrade some of my weapons to "superb" (30.000). And i noticed you can still "ram" on bigger ships and solve the matter on board with a standard fight. 2- If you sink the enemy ship, you don't get any loot? 3 - what are your basic strategies, you shoot cannon (to sails, hull or crew?) then you close in and fight on board? 4 - how come i always miss with my cannon shots (expert or seasoned cannoneers) while enemies always hit me? Thank you!
  7. ok, i just realized i took many spells that he already had on grimoire. Time to respec i guess
  8. I only find this one: https://sfx.thelazy.net/games/preset/9275/ Which looks, according to me at least, worse than the vanilla... Did anyone install it and play with it without using any preset maybe?
  9. thanks, clear now. My fault, i didn't even check grimoire, i thought it only contained the spells i chose on level up (like in the first game if i recall well)
  10. but how are they chosen ? i didn't chose them, they seem random... and what if i chose at level up the same spell that would have been granted as bonus spell?
  11. thanks man, i am not multiclassing, I am referring to Priest and Wizard. I have kinda understood how other classes work. Here the image, i have circled in red the numbers i do not understand: https://drive.google.com/open?id=172DuKDUBocY6uBKGX6ytOQI5f2SnAkRl one is under the (feature?) icon, other are the ones under the spells directly
  12. Hi, i just noticed that Aloth got two bonus spells at my level up, besides the 2 spells i chose. How does it work exactly? and how are those 2 bonus spells chosen? thanks
  13. can someone please explain me how numbers under spells work? there are two numers. one under each level, i presume that is the spell casts available for that level, correct? and it is per combat? Then if i mouse over the actual spells, there is another number. not very clear to me... thanks
  14. thanks i think i found it here: https://pillarsofeternity.gamepedia.com/Console_command it should be this: OpenCharacterCreation Allows recreation of the Player character. Note that all worn items and player inventory will be lost. I just don't understand if my character will keep the same experience and i will be able to level it to level 7 again.. There's also this one, but it might be more complicated: setclasslevel Allows you to set the level of class for a character. Also allows for enabling a class on a character. Setting true or false at the end of the command determines if it replaces all other classes or not. [Name] [Class] [Level] [True/False] With this i think i should first downlevel my main class, and then add a level for the second class, but i am not sure what will happen with the abilities i took, after i remove one or two levels. Will the game remove my last selected abiliites or what ? Thanks again
  15. I may be dumb but this kinda confused me: " Please Note: Save games in 1.05 are not compatible with 1.04 or earlier versions. The game will automatically back up your save games in a special folder in the save game directory after converting the saves to the new format." This does not mean that I have to start a new game, does it ? From what i understand it just means that the file format of save game files will be changed, but automatically updated. Just for confirmation please. Thank you
  16. Does it also apply to wands, rods and bows ? Thanks
  17. Noob question: Are save games fully compatible if i install the game on 2 different PCs ? And what if they have different version of the game ? (Steam and GoG ) ? Or if for example I have to reinstall the operating system ? It's still enough to copy the content of the saved games folder? Many thanks
  18. As per subject, I can enchant items, but if i want to create something from scratch (especially weapons and armors), I only see potions there. Is this by design or am I missing something? Not that I am terribly sorry about this, on the contrary, I like looting and/or finding good items in shops, it is more rewarding. Not like in Dragon Age inquisition where loot was useless. Once you got tier 3 recipes/materials, even killing dragons would not give better items than the ones you could craft yourself, that's why i quit playing it and did not even finish it. Related to this, is loot fixed, random or mixed ? Thank you
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