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  1. 2nd Edition multiclassing and dual classing (only humans can dual class) were just fine for a PnP tabletop game that had a good DM in charge of everything. Thiefs were also good to have in the party for the same reason. 2nd edition didn't translate to video games very well -- too much relied on a good DM. 3rd edition, on the other hand, was perfectly suited to video games... there's a rule for everything in 3rd edition, in some book somewhere. And that is the edition that made multiclassing OP (including prestige classes). None the less I had more fun playing 2nd edition in
  2. I believe with balance there is a sacrifice to be made with class/race individuality. I don't really see a huge balance issue in pillars of eternity. In BG series they used D&D 2nd edition. It was probably the most unbalanced system I ever used, but it was a lot of fun. The thief class was not useful in combat unless multi classed. They were a one shot wonder hoping their backstab would hit. That was the whole point though. They weren't a combat powerhouse. They were a thief that steals, hides in shadows, disarms traps, and opens locks. It's one of the things I miss from that syst
  3. I saw this topic and had to come in. I'm fairly amazed that people have an issue with this. To get to town all you have to do is walk to the edge of a rather smallish map and fast travel to town. I think it must take about a minute or two at most. I remember playing games like Everquest and you had to sit for 5 to 10 minutes getting your HP/Mana back. I believe the reason it's in the game is so that you have to visit an inn once in a while. This simulates what adventures would have to do in reality to refresh themselves. I kind of liked the way BG/Icewind Dale did it bet
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