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  1. It's been quite a while, but now I've read the responses it feels wrong not to comment. My post was aimed in the first place to give feedback to the developers of my expectations and what things I appreciated about the game and didn't. I realise it's limited to my preferences, but I trust it will give a more complete picture to the developers/ marketeers to see whether they've succeeded in reaching the intended audience. A reference to another expansion in another game doesn't really help to inform people who are not familiar with it, so it's not strange people would miss how the expansion
  2. When I completed the main story I had hoped to continue the adventures with that character from that point in the expansion. To my knowledge this is how rpg expansions usually work and the official information I had read about The White March did nothing to dispel that expectation. While I'm not sure how convincingly the DLC will fit in with the main story as a basic principle such an expansion is fine. I would have appreciated to have been better informed before buying it as I started an Iron Man game and so have no save from which I could immediately enjoy the expansion. Also I usually don'
  3. It's a minor inconvenience, but when selecting Wood Elf, Aedyr and hunter, after talking with Calisca (?) at the very beginning having found the springberries, it will say "No background selected" in the journal at the second paragraph. I don't think the conversation options matter, but to be sure the problem can be reproduced: I selected 1,1,3,5 I don't think the rest of the character options matter either, but those I haven 't mentioned already: female, chanter Thanks in advance for fixing it.
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