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  1. It's been quite a while, but now I've read the responses it feels wrong not to comment. My post was aimed in the first place to give feedback to the developers of my expectations and what things I appreciated about the game and didn't. I realise it's limited to my preferences, but I trust it will give a more complete picture to the developers/ marketeers to see whether they've succeeded in reaching the intended audience. A reference to another expansion in another game doesn't really help to inform people who are not familiar with it, so it's not strange people would miss how the expansion would fit in with the rest. In my case, I have played Baldur's Gate with the TotSC expansion so I guess it's been too long ago for me to pick up on the reference. Games like PoE are aimed at players who are familiar with the older type of rpg's like Baldur's Gate and Torment. Those players, at least the ones who grew up with them, will be quite a bit older now and generally won't have as much time to get into games as they used to, so I feel it's important to make sure they're well informed before they decide to buy an expansion. Ultimately, I've decided to start a replay after all. Part of why I started an iron man game was to encourage myself not to reload as much and to accept the story/ results as it happens. I like roguelikes as well, but the difference with those kind of games is that they're designed for their replayability. As I mentioned I play rpg's like PoE for their story primarily, so I would like to see it through and still make the character choices that fit with it and not to escape any hard fights when I (my character) normally wouldn't. With hindsight, starting an iron man game was probably a mistake because it was not designed to fit my playing style. I've replayed Oblivion a several times as well, but that's mostly because of the mods (and again because it's an open world rpg, designed to be replayable). As a game on itself I thought it was a step back from Morrowind, even though it improved on many fronts, like the dynamic character scripting and the more involving fights. In my opinion the basic game Skyrim isn't really an rpg anymore because it just assumes you want to undertake every quest available and gives no option to refuse it. Even the mods couldn't really get me back into Skyrim. It's quite exceptional nowadays for me to return to or even start out with an unmodded game, so the developers must have done something right. I'm glad that there are crowdfunding options available that weren't before, so grand design games for 'niche' audiences can still be written, but rewarding backers should in no way impact the game immersion as much as it has in rpg's. (in my opinion)
  2. When I completed the main story I had hoped to continue the adventures with that character from that point in the expansion. To my knowledge this is how rpg expansions usually work and the official information I had read about The White March did nothing to dispel that expectation. While I'm not sure how convincingly the DLC will fit in with the main story as a basic principle such an expansion is fine. I would have appreciated to have been better informed before buying it as I started an Iron Man game and so have no save from which I could immediately enjoy the expansion. Also I usually don't replay roleplaying games, even the ones I really enjoyed, because I most of all value experiencing the story with a certain character. Generally, I really enjoyed the game. I thought the story was very well written and (most of) the characters memorable. I had to warm to the idea of 'animancy' but the story and the characters did help to make it convincing. Elements of the background I find very original and well thought out. (the political situation of all the states and for example the way race equality is promoted in Aedyr with the special marriages) The things I didn't enjoy were first of all the way backer content was integrated into the game. I honestly can't think of a more immersion breaking way and that concerns both the characters (the names!) and the memorial messages. Secondly, while the reason I play RPG's is not primarily because of the battles and the tactical elements, I think the system in PoE needs a little work because it seems to strongly favour the more powerful combattant. This becomes more obvious towards the endgame where most of the battles become quite trivial, except for the three obvious ones. I dislike having to repeatedly reload a game (and since I started an iron man game I resorted to cheating ) and hope for a better outcome. I appreciate the fact that the system PoE uses is not as developed as say D&D, but at the moment the tactical options and AI behaviour don't make tough fights (where reloading is to be expected) as fun as it could be in for example Baldur's Gate. While I prefer a Planescape: Torment approach to eliminate the need to reload altogether in these kinds of RPG's (because I play for the story) I realise opinions will be divided on the issue, but if there must be these kinds of fights at least make them a tactically stretching experience.
  3. It's a minor inconvenience, but when selecting Wood Elf, Aedyr and hunter, after talking with Calisca (?) at the very beginning having found the springberries, it will say "No background selected" in the journal at the second paragraph. I don't think the conversation options matter, but to be sure the problem can be reproduced: I selected 1,1,3,5 I don't think the rest of the character options matter either, but those I haven 't mentioned already: female, chanter Thanks in advance for fixing it.
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