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  1. Lol, one can't please everybody. For PoE, I think the game is fine the way it is. These respec "features" I'm referring to could, maybe, be in the planning process for future titles? I think it would be interesting and adds an extra dimension to character development. Say, you play one playthrough without respeccing your companion to experience their main story. You play a second play through and respec them just to experience their alternative personality and story. You can even ask them, "What the heck happened to you? I thought you were nice." They can respond with, "You know nothin
  2. How about allowing companions to respec but limit what and how much can be respec? Or quest driven where you have to take the companion character through a series of events to allowed them to be played differently. Add consequences to respeccing a companion character. Example: their main story would change in one way or another, maybe they're no longer accepted as a member of whatever society they were involved in, maybe your team gets attacked because your companions have made enemies by changing their role within the game world,.....etc....be creative.
  3. I agree 100%. Hard mode is kinda easy. I had a hard time the first hour or so, but once I got the hang of it. It got really easy.
  4. How does everyone feel about unique abilities, either combat or non-combat, that only companion NPCs will have? Let's face it, the companion NPC's are....meh...and, unless you want to role play and experience their stories, a created hireling is going to fare better in combat. I think there should be incentives to make us WANT to favor playing a companion NPC over created hirelings. A perk, a special skill, a talent, etc. (something unique only to that companion) What do you guys think?
  5. It's true, the NPC's builds are.....meh... I always like having the NPC's in my group to interact with, role-play, and experience their story, see their point of view on things, and feel like I have friends. (I have no friends in real life) But....they're so useless. There's no incentive to have the NPC's in your group when you can just hire story-less mercenaries that are much more effective. At least give them unique abilities, talents, or something that a hireling you create would not be able to access...or better yet. let us rebuild their skills and talents.
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