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  1. well quicksaving takes around seven seconds for me but it used to be instant, but complaining about this seems stupid, still annoying if you watch your clock and count to seven it just feels way longer EDIT: savegame: http://workupload.com/file/Ex7VC52Y sorry but when dropbox told me to download and install stuff I refused and looked for another file hoster.
  2. You only get XP for the first seven kills of each mob I think... then the bestiary entry is at 100% so if you already had killed 7 shadows before the patch then it is no bug
  3. Don't know why this thread is in technical support, but anyway I also thought achievments were to be earned ingame after release for something difficult like "triple solo crown" and not pre-release for something that was not achieved ingame through effort. Well I think thats okay since it is after the release of a game but also kinda sad since the developer couldn't think of something more challenging then to log in on a specific date.
  4. i dont think pathfinding is the problem, would like it more if my party would actually walk in formation.. even over a longer distance... for what else are these formations if they just start walking in a single line after 5 meters EDIT: But yeah it needs much micromanagement in combat, that I experienced too.
  5. I also had an similiar issue like this but the problem in my savegame where it happened was solved with the recent hotfix
  6. I also think it must have something to do with selling items to vendors. 1) I have to separate playthroughs and on one I selled absolutely nothing since I saw no reason (cause i only played on hard mode) 2) On my PotD I wanted to get 5 selfmade companions as fast as possible and so I sold everything that I saw as useless to different vendors. The first one is still fast in save/load times The second takes at least double the time of the first one... also had for quite some time "frost and rime" the movement debuff for the enemies on one of my chanters but I thought that is fixed, still just telling for additional information.
  7. Its a good way to try out and see how other weapons do DPS since i have 3 identical skilled ranged chanters. But yeah I would like to see a TOTAL statistic behind the normal number inside () for example.
  8. Got something like this bug too on patch 1.03 For explanation: My Party consists of 6 companions that I made myself I switched one of them out for Kana to do the Quest -> Times and Tide Killed the one Quest mob with him -> looted the tablet or whatever its supposed to be -> Quest complete -> go back to Caed Nua -> switch him out for my old companion Result: Old companion gets added, Kana removed .... BUT instantly the Portrait for my 6th companion is gone (the last added one for Kana) but i can still move him -> After map change -> he stands on the next map BUT is no longer part of my party - when I try to add him through the stronghold menu I got 2 different results with 4 tries 1. Result .... the bugged one with ALL the equipment still stands there and he is lost forever 2. Result ... the bugged one with ALL the equipment still stands there and I got a duplicate that is complete naked. After one hour I finally managed to somehow get Kana out of my group and avoid the bug... but I cant remember how I managed that again -> was too stressed out I still have the savegame right before going into the Quest chamber with Kana in my party... so if there is any interest I could upload it then all you have to do would be complete the quest like I described and go back up to Caed Nua and try to switch characters to the self created companion inside the stronghold and see if you also get these 2 results with a few tries. EDIT: Just downloaded the hotfix on Steam and immediatly tried it again. Seems like the hotfix did the trick since I was unable to reproduce the bug.
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