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  1. I agree that it's bad, but at least it isn't as bad as DA:I.
  2. Is this a joke or does it really work? I kind of want to murder backer NPCs on principle, but if I can have their HATS... watch out!
  3. I much preferred the separation of Search and Stealth in old IE games. It doesn't make any sense that one would have to hide to find hidden objects. Doing so looks silly. That many posters have argued that hidden items don't even matter is a problem in and of itself. Why should the answer to a poorly designed aspect of the game be completely ignoring that part of the experience? Yeah, you probably don't need another "fine dagger" to go with the 5 you already have sitting in your stash. Maybe a fix would be to make hidden items matter a bit more. At least then they'd be worth the pain in the ass of crawling around finding them.
  4. Seems just as tedious to have to activate the same set of buffs at the beginning of every fight.
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