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  1. Noticed during the "Far From Home" sidequest that one dialogue option with Thristwn required 17 Resolve. I had 16 base Resolve, +1 rest bonus, +2 equipment, so 19 total. Is that by design or by accident?
  2. Oddly (given screen resolution seems a pretty unrelated factor), that does appear to work.
  3. I have only had this issue since the 1.0.3 patch; it was fine before. The game does successfully save. When I reload, I'm able to "Continue" from the save point - so it crashes after the save is complete.
  4. Same here. OSX, and game crashes every time on any type of save since implementation of patch 1.0.3.
  5. Similar issues here - OSX 10.10.2, Steam version. Very regular crashes when moving from one map to another. Autosaves fine, though, so can load and be in the new area - but happens almost every time since 1.0.3 patch.
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