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  1. Hey, it's your money. If an enormous sprawling RPG, the product of years of work, is soiled forever for you and every product of the company that made it tainted from here on out because one piece of dialogue was changed to something more PC, then go ahead and seek a refund and move on with your life Obsidian-free. I just reserve the right to think of this as utterly ridiculous. That you do, but that kind of thing doesnt make people opinions count less, see the thing that caused all this, per see.
  2. If the point is 'we don't care how many thousands of man-hours you poured into this game or how much people seem to love the work you've done otherwise, if you alter a piece of irrelevant flavor text for reasons perceived to be catering to the Tumblr crowd your company has jumped the shark and should give us all our money back', then yes, a striking point. I can't imagine how people working at Obsidian couldn't take that approach seriously. Why is it so hard for people to find middle ground here? Like, 'Hey, Obsidian, this was a sh*tty move, we love ya and PoE is otherwise great but pleas
  3. You don't. Even when there is a valid reason for it (This not being one of those times)... Well that's not strictly true. They do offer up a one-time refund, but unless you have a law to back you up they won't allow any futher refunds than that. Oh and even then you might still get your account locked. Their normal stance on refunds is the following: Tough titty! Yeah, i do have one actually, the consumer code in my country is a very strict one. Too bad many people here choose not to go after their rights here. Ill see what i can do.
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