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  1. Very well said. The FF videos could be part of a useful discussion of the specific examples but several people seem to think they are an attack on games that they like (hint: they aren't; no, they just aren't) and react with hostile, idiotic responses that don't make a credible attempt to argue the points they disagree with. The video responses to the FF videos are beyond ridiculous - one ad hominem (err, ad feminem?) fallacy rant after another ("AS is a lying liar and no one should listen to anything she says!!!!111oneone!!!"). There are several videos from people who haven't watched
  2. There was a backer epitaph with a limerick on it about a man who killed himself after learning that he'd slept with another man. No mention of transphobia, or if the bedded man was a cross-dresser, a streetwalker, or even a guy hired to get revenge on "Firedorn" (the one who committed suicide), due to Firedorn's habit of sleeping with many women. Moral crusaders took it at the worst possible face value, and pressured Oblivion to change it. Here's where it gets muddy: The backer, Firedorn himself, said that Oblivion came to him admitting that they'd missed properly vetting his limerick, and
  3. To those people who think that Sawyer or Obsidian should make some sort of "statement" dealing with this new butthurt: No, they shouldn't. That's what got them into hot water in the first place with the epitaph. If anything, the big thing Sawyer should have learned from this is to keep his fingers to himself on Twitter when these situations come up, until and unless the publicity team think there's something worth saying about it. If he'd kept his trigger-fingers to himself, the epitaph would have blown over in a few days when the morality police realized Obsidian didn't care about them. N
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