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  1. We, or atleast I, am not bothered by having the slow and fast modes, the problem is the fact that fast mode + stealth has become the default way of moving anywhere since we need scout on in order to find, often important hidden items.
  2. But cool loot could be anywhere. This. Ive run into treasures in tent shadows, random piles of stuff, and so on, since we dont know where everything already is, I atleast feel I have to search everywhere if I want to find treasure to sell so i can upgrade this giant castle i was handed and get a proper weapon.
  3. Possible tinfoil hat warning. Can it be proven hes the real guy? This has been a big enough ****storm, and this is the internet, a world of liars and trolls, that it just feels like something someone could pull.
  4. Ive been doing the exact same thing through every map, you pretty much have to since traps show up odd places, and some random bushes rocks, and piles of stuff turn out to have items hidden in them, while others dont, so you have to keep it on everywhere you go if you want to find stuff.
  5. So this wasnt true? Ran into link to this on steam, glad we arent having round two of this...yet atleast, people seem easily pissed off these days, probably just a matter of time.
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