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  1. This doesn't make sense to me. These places that'll slander a company based on a joke... these all-powerful gatekeepers as I'm supposed to imagine them... If they wanted to blacklist Pillars of Eternity or avoid talking about it, then it's already too late. You're in their bad books already. Removing the joke couldn't fix it. The other thing as well I thought, was that the money for the production and marketing of Pillars of Eternity has already been raised, so it's not like Kotaku could smother it out or stop it from becoming a success at this point. There's no reason to cave in besides a potential added marketing opportunity if a few sites write an article about it. Frankly, they have a lot more to lose by censoring it than they do by leaving it in, because that opens the door for more special pleading and for the sort of backlash that we're seeing as a result of it.
  2. ​Perhaps other backers could write SJW poetry and then we could co-exist.
  3. I still feel upset and threatened by other discomforting and problematic elements to the game. Why are the characters not vegans? Why do they fight?
  4. Thank you for patching out the horrible sexist limmerick from the cave section Obsidian. I fully support these devs' actions and will purchase this game legally at full price
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