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  1. My posts are moderated and don't show (since I am a new user), and *this* does? A joke about gendercide (like it happened in reality in Bosnia) is ok? Disgusting.
  2. I lived through communist Poland (was born in 1979) and I actually remember seeing censored books and unpublished stuff, because somebody, a political officer, decided it was "offensive" (to the Party or to the Russians). Seeing words changed now to conform to the new standard of "offensiveness" brings back the memories... and they are somewhat triggering.
  3. As a long time customer of Obsidian (loved Neverwinter 2, especially Mask of the Betrayer), I'm not very happy to see anyone with enough Twitter following can easily remove content from your game *they* find offensive. I'd like to buy a game and own it, and not it being retroactively censored by other people. I pay today and content disappears tomorrow, because it didn't met someone's taste? You know what I find offensive? Censorship, having grown in communist Poland back in the day. At least I can make an informed decision and not buy the game now. I got my salary today and was deciding which of the new games to buy - well, as I am offended by censorship (reminds me of Gierek, Jaruzelski and United Communist Party of Poland which I remember too well), I won't be backing this game. I'll wait a year or two for a sale. I can Yeah, I know - I'll buy a Polish game instead. They don't cave in to loud censors.
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